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NiRA 2017 Annual General Meeting, 2017 .ng Awards

NIRA successfully staged the second edition of the .ng awards on the 21st April 2017 at Lagos Oriental Hotel, Lekki Lagos. Let me thank all nominees in the various categories, putting up a good show, Now is the time to plan for next year.

I also congratulate all our winners in the various categories of  the 2017 .ng Awards. The fill winners list is on the NIRA Website here. Thank you to everyone who worked to make the event a success.  Please join us to make next year, even more remarkable. The journey starts now.



The 9th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NIRA holds 11:00am on Friday 28th April 2017, at the NiRA Office Complex, 8 Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponri, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.  Apart from the consideration of the Report of the Executive Board of Directors, There will be elections to five (5) positions on the Executive Board of NIRA. Whereas physical attendance is needed for a nominee to be elected, members can vote electronically. The URL for voting has been circulated to the membership mailing list. 

I want to thank the General Assembly for the maturity exhibited before, during and after the Electronic General Election (e-GM), which was concluded recently, on the tenure of Trustees. The General Assembly had spoken with its votes. The resolutions passed will be upheld. Immediately after the AGM this year, all the identified loose ends in the NiRA constitution would be addressed.

With each passing year, our dear organization continues to evolve. We constantly improve on our processes and procedures, which has given us a very robust, functional and impressive Association.

It has been a rare privilege serving as your President!


Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board


For the month of March 2017, there were a total of 6,797 domain name registrations. This figure is more than the March 2016 registrations of 4,129. This is indeed a remarkable improvement. The March 2017 total registration is more than the total February 2017 registration of 5,254. This trend shows the improvement in the number of domain registrations. Of course the economic situation in 2016 was quite different from the economic climate in 2017. Nigerians have re-strategized in their plans for promoting their online business and hence there is improvement in the domain name count.















































































Internet Branding is a word often associated with online marketing. You must have heard it, but what does it really mean? Can branding help drive more traffic to a business website and create a number of rabid fans and buyers?

A brand can be defined as a “trade-name, trade-mark, line, label, make, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” And over time, this image is associated with a level of assurance, credibility, quality and satisfaction in the mind of the customer.

The brand of a seller can differentiate that product/ service online and separate that organisation from the crowd. To have a wider outreach in this technological age, with so many websites and Internet marketers all vying for customers, it is important to differentiate one’s offer (a Unique Selling Proposition) from that which is offered by the competition. You need a domain name, preferably a .ng domain name to place your brand online. You need a very strong domain name that speaks for itself.

The advent of the Internet has highlighted that the era of small business branding platforms, the reign of TV, radio, and newspapers, is over. All businesses now gravitate towards the internet when it comes to business branding and marketing.  Business owners need to reach out to the bigger market. The many Social media platforms have provided the needed avenue for many small scale businesses to engage their prospective patrons. The larger businesses have also caught the bug and have joined the social media platforms to market their brands. They have realized that people are drawn to the social media platforms and have established a presence on those platforms.

Establishing a presence on the Internet is important even if you have a physical store. Online marketing provides lots of opportunities .The outreach is more. It has become necessary to create an interactive, regularly updated site or blog on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Being active on social media sites will not only increase brand awareness, it will also boost search engines rank of a business website.

Product Branding Strategies and Tips for Small Business

1.          Use of the power of the Internet to promote a brand

With the Internet, the small business entrepreneurs don’t have to spend much to advertise and market their products. The best avenue to increase brand awareness is the Internet.  With little or no budget, it is possible to  take advantage of Internet resources for product branding campaigns.

2.          Unique Selling Proposition   

It is advised that brand awareness can be increased and strengthened by focusing on one to two features of a business or product.  For product/business branding, SMEs are advised to identify the best and most saleable feature of their product and use that to formulate the product branding strategy.

  3.          Promoting the business

Up-to-date contents should always be available on the company website as it is a strategy to increase brand awareness.  There are several tools and platforms to launch advertising and marketing campaigns on the Internet to strengthen a brand and its online presence.  The internet is a great influential avenue to promote a product and establish a brand.

 4.          Leverage on social networking media

Most people have their own social networks so product branding is highly recommended to be carried out on social media platforms. 

 5.          Consistency in promoting brand online

The best product branding strategy is to ensure that expectations exceed the target market. Have events (promotions, awards, competitions, etc) that keep the brand in the news for positive image.

To build a powerful/strong brand on the Internet, ensure a niche market is created for your brand. Host your website locally to ensure short time frame to resolve challenges. Every business should aspire for strong online presence, portraying the brand as trusted and reliable. With a strong brand, you can enjoy greater recognition and profitability.  It must be noted that the Internet provides a good leverage to a small business for promoting its brand. For your online presence, register your preferred available .ng domain name to ensure you can promote your brand online.

The Diary of a busy President

The 2017 .ng Awards will hold on Friday 21st April 2017 at the Lagos Oriental Hotel. Awards will be given to individuals and organizations contributing to the growth of the .ng domain name space and the promotion of the Domain Name System (DNS) Industry in Nigeria.  The .ng Awards is a yearly event and this year’s edition promises to be more glamourous than the 2016 event. Many individuals and organisations have confirmed attendance

Come Friday 28th April 2017, the NiRA 9th AGM will hold at NiRA Office Complex. NiRA Members will be voting to fill vacant positions on the NiRA Executive Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. As was the practice in the past, votes will be electronic at the AGM, but this is not an excuse to miss the opportunity to fellowship with other members.

The last two weeks saw members discussing and voting on some special resolutions related to the composition and tenure of NIRA. I am extremely delighted that we were able to conduct an Electronic General Meeting (e-GM) which lasted two weeks, as enshrined in the Association’s constitution. I congratulate all members for showing the way to the larger society, by the way we managed our business in a free, open, transparent and dignifying way.

I was guest speaker at the startup South-West event held in Ibadan on Saturday 8th April 2017. Startup South-west is a private initiative by Ef-oneweb Limited, designed to create business development support for small tech startups with growth potential designed to help them achieve that potential.

I used the opportunity to also reinforce a theme I preach in most of my dealings with our teeming youths, the fact that strategic thinking, innovation and diligence has been replaced sadly, with promises of fast financial breakthroughs. The fact is that until our youth start to view innovative solutions beyond the financial rewards, the sought-after breakthrough they crave may continue to be elusive. My advice to the participants was simple. Solving little problems take you to great heights! Our youth should always identify and solve societal problems.

I should ask, what are you doing in your own little corner to empower our youths? Roll up your sleeves!


Your President, 

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

Innovation: Use of Domain Names

Is it possible that the cause of failure of some businesses is the way they are managed and the type of tools adopted in running these businesses? It is reported that as of date, there are over 1billion websites online and the figure keep growing every second. Some of these websites are active whilst some are inactive.

Nigeria has a large percentage of this growing figure, on the Internet and of course the number of Nigerian websites, using  .ng domain names, is growing steadily.

The importance of online identity has given birth to a global community being supervised by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is charged with several responsibilities; one of which is the re-delegation of Top Level Domains (TLDs), be it generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) or country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).

While some businesses have become innovative in their conduct, some other business owners are still relying on the old ways for their operations. The old ways of business management can be tough, taking longer hours, with many uncertainties and risks with the limited rewards .Fortunately, there are countless modern tools, application and software platforms available for running online businesses. For an online business, a domain name is required to give the business owner an identity on the global space. Putting one’s business online can provide a wider reach for the business, bringing the business and its benefits nearer to the customers.

To really be a successful business owner, it is necessary to embrace technology. To bring your business online, register a befitting domain name and put your business online.

For a Nigerian business owner, it is always advisable to register your .ng domain name, recognizing the need for Nigeria identity online on the cyberspace.  

Why is it good to register your .ng domain name now!

     Businesses within Nigeria with the .ng domain string are ranked first in the search engine optimization (SEO).

     It gives your clients a sense of reliability and reachability.

     It is affordable and conserves foreign exchange.


You can buy your .ng domain name from any of the NiRA Accredited Registrars via the link:

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