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Courtesy visit of the District Governor Rotary International District 9110 to NiRA

On Wednesday, 27th September, 2017, the District Governor Rotary International District 9110, Dr. Wale Ogunbadejo, President Rotary Club Iponri, Mr. Shina Badaru and other distinguished members of Rotary Club Iponri paid a courtesy visit to the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA).

During the visit, the NIRA leadership led by NiRA Financial Secretary and Board of Director, Mr Biyi Oladipo, NiRA Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Edith Udeagu with other Management staff of the NiRA Secretariat showcased the pivotal role of NIRA in promoting Nigeria’s online presence, sustaining the DNS industry in Nigeria, highlighting the potentials of the Internet and allied platforms for showcasing the humanitarian works of Rotary to the Internet community in Nigeria and beyond.

The visit presented the opportunity for the launch of the foundation for “Digital Literacy 101” by the DG Rotary International District, a partnership between Rotary International District 9110 and NiRA. This is to extend the frontiers of basic literacy across our communities in Nigeria, to use the platform to open up our communities to the online business/market.  

The climax of the visit was the presentation of the website by the President Rotary Club Iponri, Mr Shina Badaru to the District Governor Rotary International District 9110, Dr. Wale Ogunbadejo. Dr. Ogunbadejo, whilst appreciating the opportunity to interact with NiRA, highlighted the need for collaboration between Rotary International District 9110 and NiRA and advised NiRA to further increase its awareness campaign of the .ng brand. He expresses eagerness to work with NiRA to create further public awareness of the benefit of the .ng domain names to Nigerians and our economy.

The vote of thanks was delivered by the Doyen of Rotary Club Iponri, Arc Bayo Adewakun.



ICANN is looking for the 'Next Generation' of individuals who are interested in becoming more actively engaged in their own regional communities as well as taking part in the future growth of global Internet policy.  ICANN announced that there is ongoing important work happening every day at ICANN and invites all to join.

Prospective members of the NextGen@ICANN initiative must be:

  • Currently living and studying in the region of the respective ICANN meeting and between the ages of 18 and 30.  Since applicants must be from the region in which the meeting is being held. ICANN's meetings rotate through the geographic locations using the new ICANN Meeting Strategy. For those over the age of 30, they can apply for the ICANN Fellowship program (Learn More).
  • Able to spend the time allotted for the ICANN meeting, actively participate and in attendance at all required events, as noted by the organizers of NextGen.
  • Interested in Internet Governance, the future of the Internet, and other topics covered at the ICANN meeting.
  • Willing to present a 5-10 minute project at the meeting on a research related to ICANN's work, an affiliated website that is related to ICANN's work, a thesis project, etc.

By applying, applicants are stating they are willing and able to spend the period of the ICANN meeting with the NextGen@ICANN group and will attend all required events. Each individual is provided a grant of support that covers the cost of economy class airfare, hotel and a stipend. NextGen participants are required to secure their own visas for travel at their own expense, as well as obtain any travel or health insurance, if desired, at their own expense. More details can be obtained on the ICANN website.


Digital Innovation Conference, Held Ibadan Polytechnic

The Digital Innovation conference, held at the Assembly Hall, The Polytechnic Ibadan on the 20th September 2017, had in attendance representatives of top government Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

The Digital Innovation Conference with the theme: ‘Building a new Nigeria in a Digital Economy’ had in attendance representatives of Nigeria Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST), Nigeria communications Commission (NCC), the Ministry of Communications and Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), etc.

Rev’d Sunday Folayan, the President of Nigeria Internet registration Association (NIRA) as one of the guest speakers at the event, took the audience through memory lanes of the industrial revolution until the digital revolution.

Rev’d Folayan informed the audience, that the most challenging aspect of today's youth is knowledge management; that one attended the best university in Nigeria or Polytechnic Ibadan should not be a prerequisite to accessing the Internet. Every man or woman on the street should have access to the Internet. He further told participants not to wait for the leaders of today to provide for the digital revolution; individuals should acquire the necessary skills that will make them competitive around the world. He also stressed the fact that so many people today have technological gadgets but are not using the technology appropriately rather the technology is using them.

He concluded with an advice to the youth, to make the best use of the synergy of model day technology and every opportunity that comes their ways.

Internet Society Celebrates 25th Anniversary

On Tuesday, 19th September 2017 ISOC Nigeria joined ISOC Chapters globally to celebrate the Internet Society’s 25th year of advocacy for an open, trusted Internet available to everyone, everywhere.

ISOC Nigeria members gathered at NiRA Office Complex in Lagos to celebrate and share ideas on how Nigerians can also make their voices heard on the global scene.

The Internet Society’s 25th anniversary was indeed a time for reflection on the past and look to the future. Mrs. Mary Uduma, the immediate past President of NiRA and an ISOC Nigeria member anchored the event and listed the achievements and discovery of the global body in the past 25 years.

ISOC members in attendance for the 25th celebration included Mrs. Mary Uduma, the immediate past President of NiRA, Dr. Chris Uwaje, Director General, Delta State Innovation Hub, Mr. Seun Ojedeji a Member of AfriNIC Board of Directors, Mr. Sikiru Shehu and Mr. Adebunmi Akinbo both former directors on the NiRA Board of Directors, gentlemen of the press and host of others.

For more details on these and other ISOC 25th anniversary activities, visit the ISOC 25th anniversary webpage and join the discussions on #thenext25 #ICOMM17 #ShapeTomorrow


What makes a good domain name important is that it is the face of your business to the online world. It is on your business cards, email addresses, and it is your response when posed with the question “do you have a website?” It is also the name that would be associated with the lifespan of your business. The names used to launch the apps that facilitate and encourage online businesses.

Choosing the perfect and great domain name for your website is like choosing the best and perfect name for your child.  It is associated with you for life.

Having a good domain name is equivalent to having a nice sign board at the front of your office building/store, announcing your business to the world. Having an attractive domain name is to the benefit of your business. It announces/introduces your business online in so many ways. It gives people an idea of your type/brand of business. The domain name must be memorable, good for creating email addresses but most importantly with social media marketing you can be easily noticed in the digital space.

The value of a domain name starts from the conception of the name. The domain name needs to be created around words that will attract traffic,  generate intrigue and interest around the Internet when it is mentioned in conversations on the web.

The following tips can be used to create/choose a domain name for your website. There are 5 elements to a website domain name, that will mar or break it.

  • Traffic: How many people are searching for the target words or phrase?
  • Memorable: How hard is it to remember the domain?
  • Easy: Can people easily get there?
  • Eye-Catching: When people see your domain name, will they be tempted to click?
  • Relevant: Do the words in your domain accurately describe the site?

After taking into consideration the above five key elements, another very important element is the availability of the domain name. You have to check for the availability of the domain name. For example you can check availability of .ng domain names via the link (  You should note that .ng offers a lot of interesting name strings. To learn more about .ng ccTLD, visit the NiRA website