The .ng Awards celebrate the achievements and innovation of Nigerian Internet initiatives. The .ng Awards aim to showcase Nigerian businesses, individuals, charities, public and private sector organizations that help to make the Internet a more secure, open, accessible, and rewarding experience for all. At the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), we believe in the power of the Internet and are determined that the .ng domain name space, has a positive impact on the lives of Internet users. We acknowledge the great work being done within the ecosystem and desire the populace to know about it, talk about it, engage with it, and put it into the spotlight. Our annual .ng Awards are open to any organization or individual whose activity online is outstanding, using the .ng domain name.

There will be two categories of awards for the year 2023, the Presidential Awards and the General Awards.


The following award criteria must be met by all nominees of the 2023 .ng Award: The criteria are

  1. Company, organization, or individual must have registered and is doing business with a .ng domain name.
  2. The Domain name must have been registered for over twelve (12) months.
  3. The website associated with the .ng domain name must be active on the internet.


Nomination into the .ng Awards will be opened to the public. The nomination for the awards is open to individual and corporate organizations that meet the .ng Awards criteria.

The .ng Awards committee will review and assess all entries/nominations for eligibility and qualification before the final short-listed nominees are released for public voting via the website.

The committee may re-classify or re-categorize entries and may remove entries that do not meet the entry requirements. Entries that differ substantially from the award criteria will be disqualified without prior notice to the entrants.


Voting is open to the general public. While votes are polled from the general public, a committee made up of representatives of NiRA Accredited Registrars, Executive Board Members and the NiRA Secretariat acts as the jury, verifying the results and submitting same to NiRA's external auditors.


Winners will gain access to .ng Awards Icon for inclusion on websites and marketing collateral.