Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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Statutorily, the 2020 AGM should have been held not later than four months following the end of the financial year 2019. This means that the 2020 AGM should have been held before 30th April 2020. But we are all aware that the lockdown in Lagos State due to the COVID-19 prevented public gathering of a large number of people. We have also seen how COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation of communities.

On the 30th July 2020, I welcomed members of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) to the NiRA 12th Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was a virtual experience for NiRA members. I am grateful for the successful hosting of the first virtual Annual General Meeting for NiRA members. The AGM was well attended and important issues which will move the organization forward were discussed. It was also a good opportunity to take stock of the past year and celebrate our many wins while thanking the Almighty for the opportunity to improve upon them. I want to thank the Board of Trustees of NiRA, the Executive Board of Directors, the General Assembly and the NiRA Secretariat for their support.

I am most excited to inform you that NiRA, in partnership with her Accredited Registrars, has been able to put together a Price Promo for non-premium .ng domain names on the second level. This will be one of NiRA’s contributions to the much-needed palliatives in the light of current global realities, with the goal being the opportunity for many more Nigerians to bring their businesses online using the .ng domain string. I must remind you that NiRA has many other domain strings available including closed domains like and and open domains like and It is in the interest of our nation that we make effective use of this national resource. The .ng Promo is scheduled to commence on the 24th of August 2020 and run for three months. We do suggest to Nigerians to take advantage of this opportunity when the .ng promo commences.

The NiRA Academy Webinars are now in their 5th week. We have had very experienced speakers sharing deep insight to prepare individuals and organisations for the Post-COVID world of life and work. The webinars are free and they have been very well attended. The Academy will continue to serve the ecosystem with necessary skills and knowledge for the growth of Information Technology in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I urge you to follow NiRA on all Social Media platforms @niraworks for more free training opportunities.

Do stay safe and well.


Muhammed Rudman

President, NiRA