Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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The Internet is a key factor in today’s economy and more people and businesses are on the Internet especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People and organizations all over the world have had to adjust to new ways of work and life by finding creative ways to stay healthy, remain connected, and move forward. There was a dramatic shift and an increase in Internet usage, with an impact on all aspects of work and life. The tragedy of COVID-19 forced creativity in individuals.

The outbreak of the covid-19 changed the way the Internet was viewed and how the Internet worked. Before the outbreak of the covid-19, most people worked offline and preferred human interaction in their day to day activities, like eating out, going to movie theatres, places of worship, etc.  In the past, some people refused to use the Internet for financial transactions.

With the advent of the coronavirus, more people were pushed to their devices for work, play, and connection to others. School activities went virtual. Those who didn't have provisions for online work and schooling were caught off guard. Devices were acquired or enhanced for online work and schooling. Financial transactions were conducted mostly online. Those who could not conduct financial transactions online were left with the short end of the stick.

With the ban on public gathering, people entertained themselves via streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. People sought new ways of connecting with family and friends and applications that enhanced digital communications.

Meetings were held online and are still being held via several media platforms like ZOOM, Google Hangout, Google meets Microsoft teams, etc. The educational institutes made use of the Internet and are still using educational sites like Google Classroom and Edmodo. With the current rise of covid-19 cases worldwide, people had gone back to being online.  Business People who had physical shops moved online for easy access to their customers.

Even though organisations and individuals are investing more in digital technologies for their businesses, most people still prefer to have human interaction and can not wait for the vaccines and cures for covid-19.