Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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The development and transformation of Nigeria is highly dependent on empowering Entrepreneurs, especially with the vast growth of the Internet, where more people have access to the Internet and the markets are moving online, people who want to make a purchase do not necessarily have to go to physical stores.

 The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has over the years encouraged Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to use .ng domain names. This platform is providing people and businesses with the most convenient way to access local markets through the internet. Enterprises, local farmers, local sellers who sell across physical markets are moving their business online and are having access to a larger market from their mobile phones. This is the journey of Mr Amaechi as he launched his business online.

Mr Amaechi is a major dealer of over 100 varieties of fresh vegetables used for salad. He has been in this business since 1994 (27 years ago) at the popular salad Market in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. For the very first time since 1994, he moved his business online through his pre-launched Chooya Fresh Online Store at and he is making sales. Chooya is the Aba-based startup that is redefining the African local market experience.

Mr Amaechi through his online store wants to give households and businesses in Aba the power to access the popular salad market online at their convenience with the .ng domain.

.ng domain name platform exists to drive the growth of the Nigerian economy by helping the small and medium businesses with the best platform to trade with people from anywhere and anytime in order to grow their businesses.