Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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Muhammed Rudman

I heartily welcome all NiRA stakeholders to the third quarter of 2021. The year thus far has been interesting despite the fact that the world is still not out of the woods as a result of covid-19. I must say some targets have been met and also admit that some targets are still unmet. We are still a long way off from our target of a million .ng domain names. This is sad. And we cannot definitely blame this on the effects of covid-19. It is our collective responsibility to grow the .ng brand, our Nigerian Identity in cyberspace. I must ask, WHAT IS HOLDING NIGERIA BACK? A nation of over 210million people and we are still reporting less than 200,000 .ng domain names. We need to wake up from this slumber. All hands must be on deck to build the safe Internet space in Nigeria and advance the digital economy of Nigeria. We can achieve this by registering .ng domain names and improving on our strategies, policies, processes and procedures.

At NiRA we are constantly thinking of how to increase the number of .ng domain names and make the registration of .ng domain names cheaper and easier to register. We are engaging with the NiRA Accredited Registrars and other stakeholders for seamless process flow when registering .ng domain names. We are mindful also of ensuring the security of online users. NiRA is open to innovation and initiatives that can increase the number of .ng domain names.

Over the last couple of months, NiRA Academy, the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of NiRA had organised several webinars to enlighten the Nigerian public.  All these events are critical to the goal of advancing the internet culture in Nigeria and creating the needed awareness to safeguard internet users with progressive regulations and innovation. NiRA Academy organised webinars on ‘Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR)’ and ‘CAMA2020’. We are grateful to our partner organizations and stakeholders in the ICT and cybersecurity sector who collaborated with NiRA for these webinars. The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) played a major role at the NDPR webinar as the regulatory body for online data protection and safety. We are thankful for the continued partnership and supervisory role of NITDA to ensure that the .ng brand is aligned with global trends in local content.

The CAMA2020 webinar was organised to sensitize the Nigerian business community on the implications of CAMA 2020. The virtual event dissected the CAMA 2020 to educate Nigerian businesses about crucial details of the Act that have strategic implications on the creation, structuring, management, and governance of business organizations in the country. We are grateful to Aluko & Oyebode and Jackson, Etti & Edu for their enlightening presentations from the legal perspective. They helped to make the webinar a resounding success.

We were very happy with the positive reception and outcome of these events and are grateful to the stakeholders that actively participated. These enlightenment programmes positively impact on the awareness programmes for the .ng brand.

We must reiterate again the need for the adoption of the .ng domain names for websites and email addresses for organisations and individuals. Collectively, we have the mandate to encourage local content development and hosting. We must all continue to work relentlessly to secure Nigeria’s internet future and must take full advantage of the digital economy to create job opportunities, improve our standards of living, health facilities and supercharge national economic growth.

Please continue to keep safe and healthy. Thank you.

Muhammed Rudman

President, NiRA