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Congratulations at NiRA!

I heartily congratulate Engr. Ikechukwu Nnamani, NiRA Executive Board Member on the commissioning of the Tier IV Data centre in Accra, Ghana. We are proud to be associated with this success and look forward to the development it will catalyse as well as the associated confidence it will inspire, in Regional Infrastructure.

Next week, one of our Board of Trustee members, Prof Adenike Osofisan will be inducted into the Nigerian Women Hall of Fame, alongside other women who have contributed in no small measure to growth and development in Nigeria. We congratulate Prof. Osofisan and wish her great success as she continues to inspire generations of Nigerian men and women.

In the next couple of weeks, NiRA will be hosting the 2019 .ng Awards in Lagos, Nigeria and would recognise organisations who are successfully conducting businesses using  .ng domains. It is also a time to appreciate NiRA Accredited registrars for the sterling work which they are doing for the .ng  brand - Thank you our Registrars.

NiRA continues to strive hard to promote and increase the adoption of the .ng brand, our Nigerian Online Identity. Be part of the team. We must continue to promote local content and get our local, small and medium scale  businesses online.

Muhammed Rudman

President, NIRA Executive Board

AFRINIC: Candidate Slate for Board Election 2019

The community (and members) has been invited to view candidate details and express any comments about the suitability of the candidates for the board positions in AFRINIC.

Elections will be held during the Annual General Members' Meeting (AGMM) in Kampala on 20th  June 2019. More information is available at:


The list of nominees are:

Seat 1 - Northern Africa: Habib Youssef from Tunisia and Cherkaoui Leghris from Morocco

Seat 2 - Western Africa: Ly Ousmane from Mali and Dr. Emmanuel Adewale Adedokun from Nigeria

Seat 5 - Southern Africa: Vika William Mpisane from South Africa

Seat 6 - Eastern Africa: Robert Ford Nkusi from Rwanda

Seat 7 - Region Independent: Oyedeji Oluwaseun Samson from Nigeria and Benjamin Adzenyamebeye Eshun from Ghana



Medallion Partners AIG, Etix Everywhere And Ngoya To Launch West Africa’s First Tier IV Data Centre In Ghana

The first acclaimed Tier IV design certified datacenter in West Africa is set to commence commercial services in the month of July 2019.

Etix Accra #1, will be the first operational Tier IV certified data center in West Africa.

The Tier certification from the Uptime Institute guarantees to customers an infrastructure, a capacity, and processes in place to provide a truly maximum level of availability.

Constructed under a strategic partnership between Etix Everywhere, Ngoya, and AIG, the fully ready for service datacenter will be managed commercially by AIG-Medallion while the technical operations will be managed by Etix Everywhere.

While taking anchor clients on a tour of the datacenter, the CEO of AIG, Dr Samuel Ankrah, stated that the solar powered datacenter will have the best availability in the sub-region having power availability of 99.99682%, with datacenter specifications including:

  • 3 independent generators,
  • 3 independent UPS,
  • 3 independent switchboard,
  • 3 independent cooling systems, and
  • World class access control and intrusion detection system.

The carrier neutral datacenter provides full transmission redundancies with fiber connections from four different routes including multiple aerial and underground fibers from multiple metro and long distance providers.

The site is concurrently maintainable.

Throwing more insight into the operation of the datacenter, Dr. Ankrah indicated that the track record of project partners ensures the datacenter will not only be the best facility in the sub-region in terms of infrastructure but also in terms of operations.

Etix builds and operates the best multi-tenant carrier neutral datacenters that meets and surpasses all required specifications for efficient service delivery.

Medallion Communications operates the most connected datacenter in the West African sub-region having as its clients all major service providers in the region.

The expertise of Medallion in efficient datacenter services delivery is vital to ensuring our clients get the best value for the services they will access at the datacenter.

Echoing the statements by Dr. Ankrah, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Medallion Communications Limited, Engr. Ikechukwu Nnamani, stated that the official opening of the Etix Accra #1 datacenter will lead to localization of content within the region, promote regional connectivity, promote security of data, enhance the quality of service delivery to the subscribers in the region, and generate employment.



The Safe Online Forum held on Thursday 30th May 2019 at NG_Hub located at 8, Montgomery Road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. The forum organized by Re:learn, the Education practice at CcHUB (Co-Creation Hub) in partnership with Junior Achievement Nigeria and Facebook. The forum was aimed at bringing together important education and digital security stakeholders such as Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) to discuss ways of promoting and ensuring online safety for the youth  in Nigeria.

Ms. Nissi Madu, the Programme Manager, Re:learn while delivering  the welcome address noted that following the increase in the number of youth online which accounts for about 92.3 million subscribers (51.27% of our total population in Nigeria), the forum was necessary to ensure Nigerian youth acquire digital safety skills. The young people are becoming increasingly digitally-literate. So many of them have coding, programming and other skills, as a result of which there is a great need to empower them with the skills to stay safe online.

Mr. Phil Odur, Programme Manager for Facebook's Digital Literacy Programmes in Nigeria gave a presentation on policies, tools and resources used by Facebook to make customers feel safe online. He said that while people use Facebook to connect and communicate with friends, colleagues etc., they need to feel safe using it.  Highlighting the repercussions for violating the safe use of Facebook, he said that some organisations and individuals have been banned for hate speech and stirring up violence. He also said that Facebook has created an online learning resource (Digital Literacy Library) to help young people better navigate the Internet in a positive and responsible way. The URL provided more information on safety online.

A presentation on “What is the Internet” was made by Miss Madu who highlighted the risks of using the Internet to include exposure to online predators, exposure to internet scammers like hackers, identity theft, fake news etc. She noted that a study carried out on the online habits of young people revealed that most young people do not know how to keep safe when online. She concluded by emphasizing the urgent need to address the issue of online safety for young people.

Two educators from the Safe Online Program discussed on Privacy, stating that Privacy is the ability to control what other people know about you. Online security tips that were highlighted include the need to install antivirus, how to confirm authentic URL, why users should not download or install an unverifiable software and sharing of passwords in unsafe spaces.

NiRA advocated for the need to use local content like the .ng domain name to ensure safety and management of users in cyberspace.