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ICANN Board Approval of KSK Roll

The Board of Directors for the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved plans for the first-ever changing of the cryptographic key that helps protect the Domain Name System (DNS) - the Internet's address book.

Recently the ICANN Board passed a resolution, directing the organization to proceed with its plans to change or "roll" the key for the DNS root on the 11th of October 2018. This will mark the first time the key has been changed since it was first put in use in 2010.

Some Internet users might be affected if the network operators or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not prepared for the roll. Those operators who have enabled the checking of Domain Name System Security Extensions or DNSSEC information (a set of security protocols used to ensure DNS information isn't accidentally or maliciously corrupted) are those who need to be certain they are ready for the roll.

The changing of the DNS root key was originally scheduled to happen a year ago, but plans were put on hold after the ICANN organization found and began analyzing some new, last-minute data. That data dealt with the potential readiness of network operators for the key roll.

An analysis ultimately led the organization to believe it could safely proceed with the changing of the key. As a result, the organization, after consultation with the community, developed a new plan that recommends putting the new key into use exactly one year after originally scheduled. In the intervening time, the organization has continued extensive outreach and investigations on how to best mitigate risks associated with the key change.

The primary source for information about the rollover is:

.ng Domains have a life.

In recent times, some Registrants have admittedly indicated that they didn’t renew their expired domain names before the names got deleted from the registry. Domains names are only deleted 102 days after they expire. Once a domain name is deleted, that name is available for registration by anyone on a first come first serve basis.

Let me advise Registrants to take the pains to protect the domain names used for their businesses. The domain name used for an online business should be kept away from from domain name squatters. These are individuals looking for expired domain names which they would register for various reasons.

These domain speculators are on the lookout for branded names or good brands and expired domain names for business purposes. It is the responsibility of the registrant to ensure that they renew their domain names, especially those used for online businesses.

NiRA has various policies on Domain Name registration, and these are available on the NiRA website

The .ng Registry has published the “Domain Name Life Cycle” Policy to guide the Registrars, Registrants and the General Public. Domain Names can be registered for a period of 1 to 5 years and the Domain Name Life Cycle Policy explains the life cycle from registration to deletion. The document is at

At every stage of the domain life cycle, an email is sent to the Registrant on the status on the domain name.  This is one of the reasons why registrants should ensure that the correct contact details are supplied when the domains are registered. The details are available on the NiRA WHOIS,


I remain at your service.


Rev’d Sunday Folayan


17th CFA’s Startup Hangout

Mr. Chuma Ezirim, Group Head, e-Business, First Bank of Nigeria Plc would feature at the 17th CFA’s Startup Hangout, with the theme “Leveraging on Institutional Support to Scale”. This event is billed for 20th September 2018.

For the development of any startup ecosystem, particularly in countries such as Nigeria, that are grappling with infrastructural challenges plus multiple taxation, institutional support is key. Despite the challenges, a number of countries have been able to create unique models that allow startups partner and work with various corporate organizations.

CFA’s Startup Hangout, designed to help startups succeed, is a platform where entrepreneurs meet, learn, network and grow. It is a monthly event for tech enthusiasts. CFAs Startup Hangout is in line with’s mission of positively impacting Africa through Tech Education and Advocacy. Meanwhile is a business and technology blog in Nigeria founded by Mr. Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. (CFA Jnr).


Consequently, the 17th edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout features a top executive from Nigeria’s biggest bank in all ramifications. Mr. CHuma Ezirim will be on ground to share his thoughts on some of the ways startups can leverage institutional support to scale.  Register @


This event is free to attend but registration is compulsory.


This free event is proudly supported by Remita, Zinox, Swift Networks, Guardian, and Tech etc. Also,, launched 6-week FREE digital marketing training. More details @

NITDA Scholarship Scheme 2018/2019

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has as its mandate to develop and regulate Information Technology (IT) in Nigeria. Developing and regulating IT will support in transforming Nigeria into a knowledge-based and IT driven economy for global competitiveness.

As part of the Agency’s Scholarship Scheme for Masters and Doctoral degree programmes in relevant areas of Computer and Information Technology (IT) and IT Law, obtainable in Universities, applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the 2018/19 academic session.

All eligible candidates that are interested should log on to the scholarship portal to register and submit all relevant documents. Please note that the registration period is six (6) weeks from the date of this publication. A comprehensive computer-based Aptitude test will be conducted to determine successful candidates for the award. Only candidates found eligible will be invited. Furthermore, there will be an interview (which includes supplementary test, verification of credentials & character evaluation) for best performing candidates.

There are basic requirements for eligibility for sponsorship.  The closing date for application is 11th October 2018.

For more details about the application, kindly visit NITDA portal

NG Domain Name Active Domains as at 31st August 2018

The monthly rate of growth of the domain name registrations is encouraging. In August 2018, there were 5,161 newly registered domain names as against the 4,274 registrations done at the same time in 2017. Altogether, there were 105,508 active domain names at the third level and another 20,306 active domain names at the second level, making a total of 125,814 active domains altogether.