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Changing Nameservers and/or Domain Name Transfer

After you have registered your domain name, you might decide to connect the name to your website. There are several factors to consider. It is possible you have decided to purchase hosting services from another company or need to change your hosting company, different from that company you used to register the domain name. It is not absolutely compulsory to have the same company provide the two services. You can spread your risks. There are also several companies who provide hosting services with free domain names. The choice is totally yours on what you decide to do to take your business online.

To explain basic terminologies, please note the following:

Domain Name: This is the name chosen to project your online presence.
Web Hosting Service: Those in the business of providing Internet services for keeping, serving and maintaining files for websites.
Nameservers: This are directories (also called DNS Servers) that points your registered domain name to the servers of the company that hosts your website.

To clarify the issues related to domain transfers and/or change of name servers, we would elaborate further on available options. So if you have two different companies providing the different services, you could: 

Transfer your Domain name to the company providing you with web hosting services if the hosting company is a registrar or domain reseller; you may want the same company to manage both services. This primarily means a change of domain registrar. This is transferring your domain name from one registrar to another registrar. The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has 63 Accredited Registrars and you can choose from these registrars based on their acceptable terms and conditions.

Change the nameservers or records of the domain name to reflect the nameservers of your hosting company. By default the initial nameservers are provided by the company where you register the domain name. So, if your website is being hosted by another company, you just need to update the records on the servers of your Domain Name Registrar. A change of nameservers could take up to 48 hours to fully reflect the new records.

You do not need to transfer your domain name from one Registrar to Another, because you need to change the nameservers. You should be able to make the changes at your registrar, or you can always contact your registrar directly for assistance to change the nameservers or transfer the domain.

The Registry for .ng (ie NIRA), does not change the records of nameservers or transfer domain names for registrants. You can search for the domain details including the registrar details.

Domain Name Auction and other .ng Growth and Awareness Programmes in 2018

We have in the past organized events, participated in several events and embarked on projects in the bid to create awareness and keep the .ng brand in the subconscious mind of Nigerians and the entire world.

The potentials of creating a .ng domain name are numerous and had been highlighted.  The .ng domain name string can be used in many creative ways, to create domain names such as action (doing) verbs.

This year, we will be auctioning some premium and reserved domains names to the highest bidders as we delve more into the awareness programmes for the growth of the .ng brand. These programmes would take NiRA to the six geopolitical zones of our country, reaching out to the people, to project our culture and heritage as well as get as many SMEs as possible online.

The Domain Name System (DNS) industry has become increasingly central for many businesses on the global scene and it is now booming within the country. The NiRA Academy, would also conduct more training programmes that would empower the youth on employment opportunities and self-reliance.

We believe that the potentials of Nigerians in places outside Lagos and the FCT should be identified and explored. We must now consciously create the opportunities for these other regions to come online and exhibit their potentials, their talents and products.

We cannot do any of these things alone, it requires the input and efforts of all stakeholders. When you are called to be a part of any of these awareness programmes, please join us to make the necessary impact that will project the .ng brand and ultimately grow our economy.


Let us make 2018 much more impactful than the previous years.


I remain at your service.


Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board

Marketing Tools for your New Business

As the year winds down and the New Year is approaching, it is normal to see new businesses spring up. Ideas conceived for the Festival Season need to be promoted and made visible.

For a new business to succeed during this period and in the New Year, there are digital marketing tools that the business owner and entrepreneur need to take cognizance of. You are just about ready to announce your new business to the world. To do that, you need to put together your marketing toolkit to spread online and in person, the word about the new business.

Every new business must have a competitive edge.  In this new era, you must advertise your business online to reach out to millions of potential customers and have a sound online marketing plan. At this time of the year when the market is booming, you must have a strategy that will leverage on the power of social media platforms, making use of the search engine optimizers to drive traffic to your website and give you the desired competitive edge.

 Social Media

The social media platform is the first digital marketing platform that people now adopt for their businesses. You need to decide on the best platform for your business. Not all social media platforms are good for all businesses. Your decision can be dependent on your target audience, availability of funds, skill of the individuals managing the website, etc.

Domain Name, Website and Email Address

A very important platform is your corporate website. Your website is your address on the Internet and is also the first point of call to showcase your business online to the world. With a website you have proved to your teeming clients, the seriousness of your business. Essentially every website requires a domain name. With a domain name and website, your professional email address can be setup. Customers tend to find professional email addresses more trustworthy.

Printed marketing materials/Business Cards

Whilst networking, people will request for your complimentary or business cards. It is a must to have such cards available for distribution. Clients tend to appreciate business cards with corporate email addresses and websites. Have cards that look good. Always carry your cards in a holder to protect them from pocket and purse damage.

Promotional Items

Amazingly, the interest in promotional/branded items is unbelievable universal. People like to collect these momentums and like to display them. Ensure quality items are branded and can be easily displayed. They are free promotion and advertisement for your product. This is the opportunity to captivate the market. Branded labels are panache to product packaging.

Associations and Trade Shows

You can network with other industry leaders and prospective buyers by attending trade shows. This provides opportunities for in-person networking where you can pass out printed materials and possibly get an opportunity to make presentations about your products.

To conclude, there are several other marketing tools, both online and offline. There are some seasonal businesses. Timing is essential. You must decide when to launch a particular product or goods. You must track and analyze your marketing results and optimize your campaigns to improve performance of your products/ goods in the market.

Authoritative and Recursive DNS Servers: What’s The Difference?

It is obvious the Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most essential parts of the Internet’s infrastructure. The Domain Name System (DNS) comprises of two parts: Authoritative and Recursive Name Servers. The authoritative nameserver and recursive nameserver are important nameservers that enable DNS run seamlessly and actually respond to domain name request.

By using DNS, you can connect to a website like without having to know the website’s IP address. The Authoritative DNS system provides resources of the zone whilst the Recursive DNS holds information of the host for a given amount of time specified by that Records Time To Live (TTL) value.

Authoritative DNS nameservers are responsible for providing answers to requests made by other DNS nameservers (Recursive Servers) with the IP “mapping” of the intended website. The authoritative nameservers’ simply respond to the recursive nameservers contains important information for each domain, such as corresponding IP addresses and other necessary DNS records. Essentially authoritative nameservers are like the name mapping database, that is, it contains relationship existing between a registered domain name and it corresponding IP address.

Recursive nameservers are the intermediary that respond to domain requests. It provides answer to the request if it has cached earlier, else it proceeds to the authoritative server. The caching of the name are based on the default time to live (TTL)

At the top of the DNS tree are the root domain nameservers. Every domain has an implied/hidden “.” at the end of the name, that designates the DNS root nameservers at the top of the hierarchy. Root domain nameservers know the IP addresses of the authoritative nameservers that handle DNS queries for the Top Level Domains (TLD) like “.ng”. It first asks the root domain nameservers for the IP address of the TLD server, in this case, “.ng.” (working on

Afterwards it asks the authoritative server for “”, where it can find the “” domain’s authoritative server. Then “” is asked where to find “”. Once the IP address is known for the website the recursive DNS server responds to your computer with the appropriate IP address.


What makes a good domain name important is that it is the face of your business to the online world. It is on your business cards, email addresses, and it is your response when posed with the question “do you have a website?” It is also the name that would be associated with the lifespan of your business. The names used to launch the apps that facilitate and encourage online businesses.

Choosing the perfect and great domain name for your website is like choosing the best and perfect name for your child.  It is associated with you for life.

Having a good domain name is equivalent to having a nice sign board at the front of your office building/store, announcing your business to the world. Having an attractive domain name is to the benefit of your business. It announces/introduces your business online in so many ways. It gives people an idea of your type/brand of business. The domain name must be memorable, good for creating email addresses but most importantly with social media marketing you can be easily noticed in the digital space.

The value of a domain name starts from the conception of the name. The domain name needs to be created around words that will attract traffic,  generate intrigue and interest around the Internet when it is mentioned in conversations on the web.

The following tips can be used to create/choose a domain name for your website. There are 5 elements to a website domain name, that will mar or break it.

  • Traffic: How many people are searching for the target words or phrase?
  • Memorable: How hard is it to remember the domain?
  • Easy: Can people easily get there?
  • Eye-Catching: When people see your domain name, will they be tempted to click?
  • Relevant: Do the words in your domain accurately describe the site?

After taking into consideration the above five key elements, another very important element is the availability of the domain name. You have to check for the availability of the domain name. For example you can check availability of .ng domain names via the link (  You should note that .ng offers a lot of interesting name strings. To learn more about .ng ccTLD, visit the NiRA website