Charting the Course: Strategic Collaboration Between NiRA and Nigeria Computer Society

In a significant meeting held at the NiRA Secretariat, the President of NiRA, Mr. Adesola Akinsanya, received a courtesy visit from Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu FNCS, the newly elected President of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). This meeting underscored a shared commitment to explore strategic collaboration, aiming to contribute significantly to the advancement of the Nigerian internet space.

The meeting brought together key representatives from both organizations, including President NiRA; Mr. Adesola Akinsanya, Mr Ebenezer Dare; Executive Board Member NiRA, Mr. Seun Kehinde; Executive Board Member NiRA, Mrs. Busayo Balogun; Head of Corporate Services, Mr. Habeeb Wahab; Head of Technical Service NiRA, Ms. Bimbo Aderibigbe; Registrar Relationship Officer, Mr. Shehu Mohammed; Network and Infrastructure Officer NiRA, Mr. Emmanuel Olu-Festus; Legal Officer NiRA, Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu FNCS; President Nigeria Computer Society,  Mr. Adesegun Adekunle; Executive Secretary NCS  and Mrs. Lilian Ukamuo.

The primary agenda of the meeting was to identify key areas where the Nigeria Computer Society could collaborate effectively with NiRA, leveraging its pivotal role in the development of the internet space in Nigeria. Dr. Muhammad Sirajo highlighted NiRA’s significance, emphasizing the importance of strategic collaboration in shaping and advancing the Nigerian digital landscape.

Enthusiasm permeated the discussion as both teams explored potential initiatives and projects that could be undertaken collaboratively. Mr. Adesola Akinsanya expressed his excitement about the prospect of continued engagement with the Nigeria Computer Society, highlighting the instrumental role such partnerships play in shaping and advancing Nigeria’s digital landscape.

The discussion extended into the broader ecosystem, acknowledging the critical role that organizations play in contributing to the digital growth of Nigeria. The meeting concluded with a sense of optimism, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey towards a more robust and innovative digital future for Nigeria.

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