How to Register a .ng domain

  1. Think of the domain name you want to register for your website or business
  2. Check for the availability of the domain name of choice from
  3. Visit NiRA website for list of NiRA Accredited Registrars. 
  4. Select and visit the website of Accredited Registrar of your choice.
  5. Read and sign the registrant agreement, register your domain name using their platform to register your domain name.

Why .ng
Unique features of the .ng platform

  • The hierarchical structure of the .ng Registry and the restrictions to characters and figures afford certain advantages.
  • The possibility of introducing new second level domains to serve specific trades or interest groups. i.e
  • With a TLD as .ng, Nigeria’s country code assumes a global significance for many words by coupling of the TLD with any of the vowels of the English language. i.e.,
  • The uniqueness of the .ng ccTLD has seen firms like Google, Microsoft Domain Developers Fund taking up;; et cetera since the Second Level was opened up.

Why you should platform.

  • .NG (like our currency Naira and +234 for country code) is the official ICANN approved ccTLD for Nigeria
  • Availability of Names is better on the .ng ccTLD than on the gTLDs like .com, .org.
  • Branding and Geo targeting of local content to the Nigerian market
  • Security – Our primary DNS servers are secure and locally managed with multiple Anycast servers located around the world.
  • Support the Nigerian Economy and provide jobs for local IT professionals
  • Because you are a Patriotic PROUD Nigerian!

Who is a Registrant

A person who has registered at least one .ng domain is called a Registrant.

In this portal Registrants can view a list of the NIRA Accredited Registrars who can register the .ng domain of their choice

view a copy of the Registrant Agreement become a member of NIRA and be involved in moulding the path for Nigeria on the internet login to the members area of this portal


Here is how:
Since NiRA operates a 3R model of operation Registry/Registrar/Registrant,it does not register domains directly. This task is left to Registrars who serve as the interface between NiRA and the Registrant.

All registration, renewals and transfer of .ng domains are handled by NiRA accredited Registrars.
Click on “Registrars’’  for the list of accredited registrars.
Click on link any Registrar of your choice, and you would be redirected to the Registrar’s website for further information on their respective procedure.

.ng Brand Survey

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