Empowering Growth: Reflections from the NiRA President’s Address

It brings me great pleasure to address you this month, reflecting on the remarkable journey we’ve embarked upon thus far. Indeed, it has been an exciting month, with one key activity standing out – the 16th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on the 30th of April.

Chaired by myself, the AGM convened with the presence of esteemed members, including the Board of Trustees, Executive Board of Directors, former Trustees, NiRA accredited registrars, NiRA members, representatives from the press, and our dedicated NiRA staff.

During my presidential address, I underscored NiRA’s unwavering commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence, reaffirming our pivotal role in shaping the future of Nigeria’s digital economy. Central to my message was the theme of growth, encapsulating our vision through the lens of the 3Ps: people, process, and performance. These principles served as the foundation for NiRA’s accomplishments throughout the 2023 business year.

Furthermore, I emphasized establishing the registrar relationship manager role, which has played a pivotal role in facilitating direct communication between accredited registrars and the registry. This initiative has strengthened our partnerships and enhanced operational efficiency.

Integral to our achievements were various initiatives undertaken in the past year, including brand awareness campaigns, collaborations, and partnerships with industry associations and stakeholders. These activities have played a crucial role in shaping and enhancing the Nigerian internet ecosystem, further solidifying NiRA’s position as a key driver of innovation and progress in the nation’s digital landscape. The full presidential address is available here

On another note, the .ng Academy, one of our special purpose vehicles, is hosting a 6-week tech bootcamp focused on UI/UX and Product Management training. This training emphasises the importance of possessing essential tech skills and serves as our proactive endeavour to equip more youths with these indispensable abilities, thereby fostering a tech-literate generation poised for success in the digital age.

Additionally, the .ng brand survey is currently underway. We aim to identify opportunities for enhancing brand visibility, driving adoption, and optimizing marketing strategies. Your participation in this survey is crucial as it will help us gauge the awareness and recognition level of the .ng domain brand among internet users in Nigeria.

Together, let us continue working tirelessly for the progress and unified growth of NiRA.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

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