Exploring Career Paths in DNS and Tech Landscape: Insights from .NG Academy’s Virtual Career Outlook

In a bid to shed light on career opportunities within the Domain Name System (DNS) and Nigeria’s evolving tech sector, .NG Academy organised a virtual career outlook session on February 7th. This meticulously curated session gave insight, illuminating the burgeoning domain name system (DNS) industry and Nigeria’s ever-evolving technological terrain. With an illustrious lineup of industry leaders, government representatives, HR experts, registrars, and seasoned tech specialists, the event aimed to provide a holistic perspective on carving out successful careers in this dynamic field.

The event started with the president’s address, highlighting the significant growth in .ng domain adoption. This surge in domain name registrations reflects the expanding digital landscape in Nigeria and underscores the role of .ng CCTLD in fostering innovation and supporting the tech community.

Keynote speaker Mrs. Tinuade Oguntuyi delved into emerging trends and career opportunities within the DNS space, providing participants with invaluable insights and tips for success. Throughout the session, panellists emphasised the importance of stakeholder collaboration in driving growth within the DNS industry. They shared key strategies for starting and advancing careers in this field, offering practical advice for success.

Highlights from the event and tips shared by panellists are available on social media platforms, providing aspiring professionals with valuable resources for navigating the tech industry, particularly within the DNS domain.

In summary, .ng Academy’s virtual career outlook session gave participants valuable knowledge and guidance for exploring career paths in the DNS industry and the broader tech landscape. By leveraging insights from industry experts, individuals can carve out successful and fulfilling careers in this dynamic field.

The Tech Career Outlook 2024 report is now available on the website. This comprehensive report informs you about the latest trends, emerging technologies, career opportunities and insights to navigate the tech space.

The full video recording is available here for those who missed the event.

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