Fostering Growth and Collaboration: NiRA’s Strategic Engagements with Accredited Registrars

NiRA’s steadfast dedication to fostering robust partnerships with Accredited Registrars was recently demonstrated through a comprehensive series of engagements. The delegation, comprising Mr. Habeeb Wahab; Head of Technical Services, Mrs. Busayo Balogun; Head of Corporate Services, and Miss Abimbola Aderibigbe; Registrars Relationship Officer, embarked on a strategic blend of in-person and virtual visits to actively engage with the registrar teams.

The objectives of these visits was to firstly deepen NiRA’s understanding of the unique needs and concerns of its registrars, and secondly, to express profound gratitude for their indispensable role in propelling the growth of .ng domains. Despite the challenging economic landscape, NiRA commends its accredited registrars for their commendable resilience and unwavering commitment to driving the adoption of .ng domain.

These engagements sought not only to acknowledge the existing partnerships but also to gain crucial insights into the current levels of .ng adoption. The direct interactions aimed to listen attentively to registrars’ pain points, ensure effective support, and foster meaningful discussions. The feedback garnered during these engagements is considered invaluable by NiRA, shaping future strategies and initiatives.

Accredited registrars conveyed their satisfaction with the significant upswing in .ng domain registrations. This year’s adoption rates have witnessed an impressive surge, surpassing the previous year by a notable 29%. This success can be attributed to enhanced brand awareness facilitated through strategic event partnerships, national, regional, and global repositioning efforts by NiRA, and the collaborative endeavors of our registrars.

Effective communication emerged as a central theme during these discussions, underscoring its paramount importance in building and sustaining strong relationships. NiRA reassured its accredited registrars that a commitment to effective communication remains a top priority, ensuring transparency and responsiveness.

These engagements signify a mutual commitment to the success and growth of the .ng domain space. NiRA looks forward to the continued collaborative journey with registrars, ensuring that their needs are not only met but exceeded.

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