Empowering Africa’s Youth: Highlights of NiRA at the 2023 National Association of Computing Students’ (NACOS) Innovation Summit.

The 2023 National Association of Computing Students’ Innovation Summit, hosted at Nile University Abuja, marked a significant event. Themed “Pan-African Global Impact: Raising the Next Generation of Young African Technopreneurs and Change Makers,” the summit aimed to empower students with invaluable insights into innovation and steer them away from cybercrimes.

At the core of this summit was the theme, “Pan-African Global Impact,” which underscored the pivotal role of African youth in driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive transformation across the continent. It was a call for young individuals to become technopreneurs and change-makers, recognizing the transformative potential of technology. NiRA proudly partnered with this event, consistent in its support for NACOS.

The event featured a distinguished lineup of keynote speakers and industry experts, with representation from the NiRA team, including Mr. Mayowa Ajiboye, an Executive Board Member, and Mr. Francis Alaneme, the Applications Support Officer. These speakers emphasized the importance of adopting the .ng domain names, ethical technology use, and harnessing Africa’s untapped potential for global influence. Their insights resonated profoundly, highlighting the ability of young Africans to drive notable change through technology.

Mr. Francis Alaneme spoke extensively on the critical role of establishing a robust online presence using the .ng domain. He emphasized the significance of digital identity in today’s world and how the .ng domain empowers individuals to thrive online in an increasingly interconnected world.

Notably, the .ng Academy conducted masterclasses that focused on “Innovation Leadership and Team Building Workshop: Integrating Design Thinking” and “Empowering Innovators: Financial Literacy Essentials for Startup Success.” The goal focused on capacity building to remain relevant in a digital society by equipping oneself with the right skills.

NiRA’s active participation in the 2023 National Association of Computing Students’ Innovation Summit contributed to the event’s success. It underscored NiRA’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of technopreneurs and change-makers in Africa by promoting ethical technology use, harnessing the .ng domain’s potential, and fostering digital innovation. This summit was a platform where NiRA played a crucial role in shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship on the African continent.

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