Pervasive computing also known as ubiquitous computing is a growing trend towards embedding microprocessors in everyday objects so they can communicate together.  The words pervasive and ubiquitous mean “existing everywhere.” Pervasive computing devices are completely connected and constantly available. Pervasive computing relies on the convergence of wireless technologies, advanced electronics and the Internet.

In brief, we are saying that pervasive computing means:

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, Any Network, Any Data

  • Anytime/anywhere: 24/7, global, ubiquitous access.
  • Any device ranging from the macro computers to whatever is mobile;
  • Any network: access, data synchronization, wireless optimization, security, development tools, device and user management.
  • Any data: e-mail, internet-Intranet; public services.


The Domain Name System (DNS) which is also pervasive across the Internet is so important that we tend to regard it as Internet plumbing: it goes everywhere, it’s available. With the aid of the DNS, specifically the internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) pervasive computing/internet of things can be much more effective.


A combination of technology developments and business factors is raising interest in how organizations can make their workers more connected wherever they are.

Businesses, for example, have become dependent on computers to manage information and are increasingly using systems to collaborate over dispersed locations. The ability to access systems at the point of work, unbound to a desktop PC, is seen as critical by many organizations.

On the hardware front, mobile devices are growing more capable and less expensive. New form factors like tablets and smart phones are appearing, color displays are becoming standard, and pen input is getting better.

In a nutshell, despite the fact that there may still exist some disadvantage in all this, key among them may be in regards to privacy and security, there is a clarion call for certified ethical hackers that will help ensure that individuals’ data are secured. With all of these in mind it is not too hard to say that along the line, many of the devices we know and see will be on the network, sensing, monitoring, controlling and informing us about our environment. Making it so feasible to us that the future is limitless.

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