ICANN57 Hyderabad – Update

The ICANN57 meeting is billed to hold at Hyderabad, India. This meeting was originally billed to hold at San Juan, Puerto Rico, but due to the continued spread of the Zika Virus, the meeting venue was relocated to Hyderabad, India. If you recall, in 2014 the venue of the ICANN52 meeting was relocated from Marrakech to Singapore due to the Ebola virus outbreak and earlier this year, the venue of the ICANN56 meeting was relocated from Panama City to Helsinki, Finland due to concerns related to the Zika virus. The changes to the ICANN meeting venues show clearly the commitment of ICANN to the health and safety of its community and Team.

There are indicators that the conduct of the ICANN57 meeting would be different from past meetings. In 2014, the ICANN Board had approved the community’s New Meeting Strategy & Implementation Plan, structuring ICANN’s three yearly meetings. Whilst ICANN56 in Helsinki was the first ever “Policy Forum”, ICANN57 would be the Annual General Meeting. ICANN56 had focused on community policy work, ICANN57 will aim to showcase the ICANN community’s work to a broader global audience, while also having days dedicated for Supporting Organization (SO) and Advisory Committee (AC) work.

As ICANN57 was moved to Hyderabad, India, the meeting will be taking place Thursday, 3rd November 2016 to Wednesday, 9th November 2016. Please find below a general overview of daily activities for the meeting:

Two Public Forums are outlined; Public Forum 1 scheduled for Saturday, 5 November 2016, and will provide an opportunity for each SO/AC to update the community on their efforts, followed by time for the community to share their topics of interest. Public Forum 2 will focus on solely community comment and Board response, and is scheduled for Tuesday, 8 November 2016.

The community is encouraged to be part of the webinar holding on the 7th September 2016 where additional information on ICANN57 as per logistics, accommodation, travel, visa, etc would be made available.

Culled from: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/icann57-hyderabad-what-you-need-to-know

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