Nourishing .ng, The next cash cow!

We are all aware of the state of our national economy, especially the effects of the fluctuating foreign exchange (FOREX) rate. It has a huge impact on the Information Technology (IT) space because most of the software and hardware used in the country still are acquired from overseas. Any dip in the FOREX rate affects the cost of acquisition and deployment of IT solutions

For the discerning, every challenge creates opportunities! Indeed, many opportunities!!

The falling FOREX rate clearly creates opportunities for the growth of home grown IT solutions. As Nigerians, we have the capacity to develop and deploy IT solutions that can be exported. Every developing economy must take technological growth as a high priority project because ICT plays a major role in economic development not only in the urban areas but also in the rural areas. Any country that wants to develop must pay attention to its Technological Infrastructure development.  Nigeria should not be an exception.

It is heart-warming that the acceptability of the .ng brand, our National online identity, is on the increase. Of course the growth is attributable to the patriotic nature of Nigerians and the desire to conserve capital flight. We must shout it on the roof-tops to all Nigerians that any purchase of any foreign domain name lead to capital flight. We must patronize the .ng brand to project more Nigerian businesses, culture, heritage, etc.

My joy and solace in this arena is the management of the .ng brand, which is easily available and affordable to Nigerians and the world based on NiRA policies.

NIRA is determined to ensure that .ng domains are easily available and affordable to all Nigerians and the world using its fair and equitable policies. Apart from its robust infrastructure, a new price regime was introduced in July 2016 to further encourage the use of the brand. We continue to see a significant  increase in the use of the .ng string, especially amongst the Small and Medium Enterprises, who are projecting their businesses online and blogging away to their heart’s content. No doubt, an online identity creates avenue to educate, enlighten, influence and does sway the  potential buyer towards your products or services.

We must continue to play our part to ensure that we do not lose the momentum. Have you found your own niche?

Let me remind you that the four day International Workshop on “Internet Number Resources Management (INRM) and IPv6 Planning and Deployment” would commence in Lagos from August 23 to 26, 2016. Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), Association of Telecom Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) and University of Ibadan (UI) are co-hosting this event in Lagos. The selected participants for this training have been notified. We wish all participants, success in the training!

Your President,

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

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