Empowering MSMEs: NiRA and ISN Hubs Forge a Strategic Partnership

NiRA empowering msmes in Nigeria online

In a proactive move to foster the growth of Nigerian micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and startups, Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) recently convened a significant partnership meeting with Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs. The attendees present from both organizations were Ms. Moyinsola Joseph, the Secretary of ISN Hub; Ms. Hope Ukaegbu, the Communication Lead at ISN Hubs; Mrs. Chioma Jeke, Head of Business Development at NiRA; Mr. Olusegun Akinwunmi, NiRA’s Webmaster; and Ms.Toni Peter; Social Media and Content Officer at NiRA.

Central to the meeting’s agenda was the overarching goal of enhancing the online capabilities of MSMEs and startups affiliated with ISN Hubs. With over 150+ hubs operating nationwide, ISN Hubs provides a robust ecosystem for entrepreneurs, offering a range of critical services, including capacity building, funding support, and targeted training programs.

NiRA’s steadfast dedication to driving digital growth was spotlighted during the discussions. The association’s relentless advocacy for widespread adoption of the .ng domain stems from its understanding of the domain’s pivotal role in advancing Nigeria’s digital economy.

A strategic partnership between NiRA and ISN Hubs holds the promise of significant impact. This collaboration will facilitate in-depth sensitization of MSME owners on how harnessing the power of the .ng domain can propel them toward a broader and more engaged online audience.

During the session, various avenues of utilizing the .ng domain were presented. These options ranged from domain redirection for startups with existing websites to exploring distinct second-level domain strings such as .sch.ng and .name.ng. Additionally, MSMEs were encouraged to explore custom domain names, a route that allows them to personalize their online presence and enhance brand identity.

The synergy between NiRA and ISN Hubs is palpable, as both entities share the common goal of boosting Nigerian entrepreneurship through digital empowerment. This partnership is poised to contribute significantly to the growth and dynamism of Nigeria’s digital economy, building a more prosperous future for businesses and individuals alike.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, NiRA remains dedicated to propelling Nigeria’s businesses and entrepreneurs toward unparalleled online success, one .ng domain at a time.

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