NiRA and MAN Collaborate to Drive Adoption of the .ng Domain

As part of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association’s (NiRA) strategic measures to promote the adoption of the .ng domain, the association has engaged key stakeholders who contribute significantly to the Nigerian economy. Recognizing the potential impact of adopting the .ng domain, NiRA held a productive meeting with representatives of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) on the 10th of May 2023 at their headquarters located at Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja. The representatives of NiRA and MAN present at the meeting included; Segun Ajayi-Kadir; Director General MAN, Kanayo Iwuchukwu; Assistant Director Admin/Special Duty, Chuma Ambrose Oruche; Director Corporate Service, Cynthia Simon Aneke; Senior Manager IT, Eyitayo Iyortim; COO NiRA, Chioma Keke; Head Business Development, NiRA, Emmanuel Olu-Festus Legal Officer NiRA and Peter Oluwatoni, Media Officer NiRA.

During the meeting, NiRA emphasized the significance of a distinct online identity that aligns with MAN’s mission and is suitable for the association and its members. By utilizing the .ng domain, MAN can establish a unique online presence that reflects its values and supports the growth of local businesses. The meeting focused on discussing the importance of the .ng domain for Nigerian businesses whilst outlining strategies to onboard MAN for its adoption. 

During the discussion, several viable options emerged for the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) to explore in relation to the .ng domain. One option is for MAN to own a second-level domain such as, specifically tailored to the association. This would enable members to adopt the domain, simplifying the tracking of manufacturing and production organizations affiliated with MAN and providing a personalized online presence for the association.

Additionally, NiRA is committed to onboarding the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria as an accredited registrar. This means that MAN can easily register their members with the .ng domain, further enhancing their online presence and visibility.

Another option was to utilize a redirect with the .ng domain. This would allow MAN to continue using their existing domain extension while having a .ng domain for Nigerians to interact with. This approach aligns with the trend observed among major corporations that adopt country-specific domains within the countries where they operate.

MAN will further discuss the outcomes of the meeting with their board and carefully explore the most suitable options for utilising the .ng domain. NiRA is excited about the opportunity to partner with MAN and support its endeavours to enhance the visibility of its members through the adoption of the .ng domain. This partnership will not only contribute to the digital transformation of Nigeria but also benefit the wider business community.

By fostering collaborations with influential organizations like MAN, NiRA aims to drive the widespread adoption of the .ng domain, ultimately propelling Nigeria’s digital economy forward. Through this collective effort, we can empower local businesses, strengthen online identities, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the Nigerian business landscape. 

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