NiRA and Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) Forge Strategic Partnership to Promote .ng Domain.

NiRA and NMA partnership

In a recent strategic partnership meeting, the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) under the leadership of President Adesola Akinsanya joined forces with the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) to spearhead the widespread adoption of .ng domains. This collaboration aims to unlock immense opportunities and shed light on the profound significance of the .ng extension within Nigeria’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

The members from both NiRA and NMA present included Mr. Adesola Akinsanya, President of NiRA, Mrs. Eyitayo Iyortim, COO of NiRA, Mrs. Chioma Keke, Head of Business Development at NiRA, Mrs. Uchechi, Abuja Admin, Dr. Uche R. Ojinmah, President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), and Mr. Akpa Emmanuel, Principal Admin Officer of the Nigerian Medical Association. The meeting which held at the NMA headquarters located on Benghazi Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja, served as a platform to discuss the transformative impact of .ng domains and devise strategies for their effective implementation.

President Adesola Akinsanya passionately underscored the significance of .ng domains, emphasizing their role in establishing a resilient and distinguished online presence for Nigerian organizations. He highlighted the need to leverage the .ng domain to fortify security measures and protect businesses from potential vulnerabilities associated with generic top-level domains. This emphasis on security resonated with the participants, as ensuring online safety and credibility is of paramount importance in today’s digital landscape.

During the highly productive meeting, NiRA presented compelling options to the Nigeria Medical Association, including the acquisition of a bespoke second-level domain such as, exclusively dedicated to the association. This personalized domain would enable NMA to establish a unique online identity and further enhance the online presence and visibility of its members. Additionally, the discussion explored the implementation of domain redirects with the .ng extension or the second-level domain extension, allowing seamless integration with existing domains while harnessing the benefits of the distinctive .ng identity. This approach aligns with the global trend observed among major corporations that embrace country-specific domains within the countries they operate.

Dr. Uche R. Ojinmah, the Director-General of NMA, warmly commended NiRA’s proactive efforts and expressed eagerness to collaborate in sensitizing organizations about the importance of aligning with the national second-level domain policy mandated by the Federal government. Dr. Ojinmah looked forward to the successful onboarding of the association as an accredited registrar, which would enable NMA to contribute to the growth of the .ng domain ecosystem.

Moreover, the .ng domain offers geo-targeting benefits that are particularly relevant for a professional body like NMA, which has a local focus. By utilizing the .ng domain, the NMA can verify the online presence of registered medical practitioners in Nigeria, further reducing the proliferation of unlicensed medical practices online. This verification process enhances trust and credibility in the digital space, benefiting both medical professionals and the public.

By fostering collaborations with esteemed associations like the NMA, NiRA aims to drive the widespread adoption of .ng domains, ultimately propelling Nigeria’s digital economy forward. This strategic partnership not only underscores the value and potential of the .ng extension but also highlights the importance of local and secure online identities for organizations operating in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the meeting between NiRA and NMA marked a significant step toward empowering Nigerian organizations with the transformative capabilities of .ng domains. Through the implementation of personalized domain options and the adherence to national domain policies, NiRA and NMA are paving the way for enhanced online presence, credibility, and security.

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