NiRA Drives Brand Building Online with the .NG Domain

NiRA played a pivotal role as a partner and sponsor at the 13th edition of the Brand Masterclass event hosted by Junior Chambers International (JCI) Eko. This exciting event revolved around the art of brand building in the digital space. Our active participation alongside our Accredited Registrars aimed to drive awareness about the significance of the .ng domain in establishing a robust online presence.

In today’s digital age, building a brand online is more critical than ever. It’s the bridge that connects businesses and individuals with their target audiences. At the heart of the process lies the .ng domain, a powerful tool that empowers entities to craft a strong online identity.

Our presence at the event was driven by a shared vision: to raise awareness about the pivotal role the .ng domain plays in the digital ecosystem. It was an opportunity to engage with a dynamic community of individuals and businesses eager to enhance their online presence and effectively connect with their audience.

NiRA Accredited Registrars, joined us at the event to provide insights, knowledge, and real-time support on how to leverage the .ng domain.

As managers of the country code Top Level Domain(ccTLD) Registry, we are committed to equipping businesses and individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital landscape. Our participation in the 13th Brand Masterclass was a testament to this commitment. We look forward to continuing our journey towards a stronger, more vibrant, and digitally empowered Nigeria.

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