Domain Names Registration Statistics for June, July and August 2016

We continue to witness steady improvement in Domain Name Registrations and Renewals in the registry. For example, the domain names registered in August 2016 is more than double the registrations in August 2014 and far more than the registration in August 2015.

We do acknowledge that the adoption of the .ng brand is on the increase. This is very evident with the advertisements one sees on newspapers, magazines, buses, cars, delivery vehicles, billboards, scooters, tricycles, etc.   Nigerians have proven again that they are patriotic, business minded, trendy, fashionable and are willing to adapt. They have recognized the essence and beauty of online business, branding and marketing and have embraced the phenomena of digital marketing. You won’t believe the worth and style of business that companies with its domain names, have contributed to online business in Nigeria.

Please find in the table below, the domain name registrations, renewals in June, July and August 2016, with the previous years for comparison.

From January to August 2016, there were a total of 20,816 fresh domain registrations and 12,375 domain renewals, making a total of 33,191 domain names.

NIRA has accredited five more Registrars in 2016. Three of these Registrars are yet to commence business. In all, there are now 56 NiRA Accredited Registrars, who actively carry out registrations on NiRA’s platform. 

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