Brand Awareness with Domain Name

Creating awareness of a product and services has changed from the traditional characteristics of promoting brands, products and services where newspapers and magazine advertisements were the preferred medium of information dissemination.  Now, with the evolution of technology, new conventional ways are being implemented by organizations big or small, local or internationally, this evolution/platform being “The Internet”.

The online platform has been beneficial for brand promotion of organizations through the use of websites; your website using your private domain name can open up doors to the whole world so the world can have a glimpse of what you want them to see. This can also work for personal profiles.

Some organizations, for example, the baking industry and other industries had identified these opportunities early and have benefited from the advent.

Suffice to say, some organizations got it all wrong from the inception because they failed to utilize the right identification string which in this case is the domain name and service that propel the needed result.

Your domain name says a lot about you, it is the number one driving force/factor that directs people to your website/business. Studies have shown that some organizations chose the wrong domain names for their websites, thereby losing out on some important businesses as their domain names would not be amongst those extracted from the search engines. Some even distorted their names by adding extra letters to the names because of lack of understanding of the importance on the domain naming. This can prove difficult as most online users may find it difficult to locate or find you/your business and it can also affect your brand image.

Creating brand awareness with your domain name is very important.

However, if the wrong name had been registered for your organization, there are ways that can guarantee your desire for brand awareness with your domain name:

  1. Check for availability of your real or distorted name on a country code Top Level Domain such as .ng from “”
  2. Register the name, you could not readily obtain with generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), on country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) of your home country such as .ng for Nigeria. See registrars list for
  3. Redirect your existing gTLD domain name to the new name you registered i.e your real name on ccTLD

With your private/organization domain name, you can get:

  • Custom email with organization name
  • Customizable sub-domains
  • Protect your privacy
  • Email forwarding
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