Happy New Year – 2017 is Here!

A new year comes with lots of hopes, aspirations, goals and target setting by all. It might be about new businesses, or expansion plans, propelling everyone to eagerly commence the activities for the year and tap into all the opportunities the New Year always brings.

There are many technology predictions (locally and globally) for 2017, with the prediction on the growth in domain name registrations very prominent. 

In 2016, we positioned NiRA to be a significant part of the industrial and economic growth of Nigeria in subsequent years. NIRA was very prominent in the Nigerian Technological space and we intend to continue on this path this year, so we can remain relevant not only as far as the Technology Industry is concerned, but also in the larger Socio-economic space.

In 2016, you will have noticed the .ng adverts and promotions on BRT buses, TVs, Newspapers, social media and other online platforms. One is pleased that Business owners now proudly flaunt their .ng domain names as part of their advert campaigns. It is a movement, and it is gaining momentum.  .ng is the future for the taking, and the future is here.

This year, some of the activities outlined to take the growth in .ng domain registration to another level are:

●     Exploiting Internationalized domain names (IDNs) in the three main Nigerian languages (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba).

●     Introduction of Domain Name System (DNS)  in the Nigerian educational curriculum

●     Appointment of .ng ambassadors from the Business and Art world

●     .ng Roadshows to all geopolitical zones of Nigeria

●     Collaboration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Chamber of Commerce, Trademark Registry, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC),  etc.

We will act speedily on the above and many other things.

As we hope for the best of 2017, let’s not forget to count our blessings and appreciate everyone that has contributed to the progress of yester years. On behalf of the Executive Board of Directors and Staff of NIRA, I will like to thank all our stakeholders, Members, Registrars, Registrants, Gentlemen of the Press and all well-wishers for your wonderful support in 2016, It made our work easier!

We see a very bright 2017. We hope to accomplish our goals and aspirations for the year. We shall put in our best in all our endeavours. We count on the support of everyone.

Your President,

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

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