Why should you get a professional branded email address? Ask yourself, what does your email address say about you and your business/organisation? A professional branded .ng email address like admin@nira.org.ng or info@nitda.gov.ng can show the world your organisation/company is a corporate entity and creates the right impression. It is crucial to the branding of the organisation/company. Branded email address is the customization of the email address for an entity. A free generic email address may project negative impact on a business.

A professional branded email address elucidates, builds and gives confidence and professionalism. And can captivate a niche in your line of business.

It is important to establish credibility for your organisation with a professional branded email address because:

1.       It provides security for your organisation (control over your backups, reduces spam, etc)

2.       It promotes trust for your business, confidence in your business.  Clients tend to be wary of businesses that use generic email addresses even if they provide best services or products.

3.       It provides reassurance to your client that your business is legitimate.

4.       It creates and promotes a bigger online image of your business. A free email can convey the notion that your business is new, small or part-time.

5.       Having a professional branded email address can help create professional image and communicates professionalism.

6.       Drives traffic to your website

7.       It creates/promotes brand recognition.

8.       Branded email address gives you control over your data.

Your email is often the first point of contact to your clients when it comes to building trust and credibility for your business. Your email address is one of the first things you should pay attention to and professionalism is key.

With unlimited possibilities on the Internet, branding should not only be for large enterprises with big advertising budget. As small as an organization may be, a professional branded email address can never be too small or expensive to start your business with. Obtaining a professional branded email address can never be too late. You can start today by simply branding your email address with your .ng domain name. All you need to do is to register your brand domain name(s) with NiRA Accredited Registrars via the link for .ng accredited registrar: http://nira.org.ng/accredited-registrars.

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