Online Branding Strategies That Work for Small Businesses

1.       Social media marketing

Social media is the best thing that could ever have happened to small business branding online. Both big and small companies create pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Minimal costs are associated with this. What these companies are doing is social media marketing. Profiles for businesses can be created in the appropriate social networking sites, after which, the owners start connecting with both established and potential customers. The key to success in social media marketing is participation. You need to be in there, and participate on a regular basis.

2.       Search engine marketing

Search engines are the biggest tools online, that can be used for business branding purposes. The great thing about search engines is that they drive highly targeted customers. Therefore, focus majority of your traffic-building strategies on driving search engine traffic.  This is referred to as organic traffic.

 3.       Blogging

Do not underestimate the power of blogging as a small business branding method. Search engines love blogs because of their ever current content. Blog for your business to achieve desired success.

4.       Pay per click advertising

Invest in marketing in order to build a brand online. Invest in a pay per click system, where you pay for every lead sent to your blog/website. Start with Google – set a budget and bid, select keywords and write a quick ad. Now you’ll be there when some “Googles it!

 5.       Article marketing

Article marketing is where you write short articles that are distributed throughout free article marketplaces. This is commonly used as a traffic-building strategy and quite effective in building brands online.

6.       Contests

People love contests and some of these are sponsored by businesses.  Build your own contests and watch your brand strength increase.

 7.       Promotional Giveaway

Give away products or promotional items on social media attract a lot of attention and traffic. Clients and potential clients are always eager to participate in competitions, etc. Pop the question about the product on whatever platform, even radio programmes, many would respond in the bid to win the prize.  Even on twitter, when people are asked to, “Retweet upon receipt,” many would respond to the challenge.

Concluding, every business owner should know that business branding takes time. There is no magic pill or overnight solution to business branding. It could take ages for the desired success. Patience, endurance, persistence and hard work are required to make success of any business.  

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