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As we all know, the Internet is the predominant way, businesses and organisations associate to their clients and each other. The organization and maintenance of the content of a website has become complex and requires special talents, focus and skills. Website content managers and webmasters are responsible for the information available on the website of most businesses and organisations.  As a site owner, it is required that you have the best possible webmaster.  In recent years, the profile of webmasters has risen with the increase and reliance on online marketing and online trading and businesses. The following are just a few of the activities carried out by webmasters who know their onions.  

1 – Regular Website Updates

After building a powerful website, it is important that regular updates are carried out. The first being regular update of the website content. Note that, adding new content to the site on a regular basis confers a powerful SEO advantage that could lead to higher site ranking in the natural search results.  This, in turn, leads to increased traffic and provides tangible benefits for investment.

2 – Run periodic usability tests

Whenever changes are made to a website it’s important to run periodic usability tests that identify any errors that may be inhibiting the site’s functionality.  Usability tests can be as simple as previewing the website in different browsers using available tools or as complex as navigating through every page on the site in order to manually detect errors.

3 – Manage broken links appropriately

When running usability tests, it is necessary to watch out for broken links.  Internal or external links that refer visitors to pages that are no longer live (whether due to the movement of the page, the closure of the site or some other circumstance) both frustrate users and prevent the search engines’ indexing programs from effectively cataloging the pages on a site. If broken links are encountered on the website, either remove the links or redirect the link to a different page entirely.

4 – Engage the community on social sites

Engaging in social media marketing is now a “must do” for all webmasters, given the expectations of today’s consumers and the SEO value that can be derived from social networking interactions. Start small by building a business profile on one of the top social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram) and make a commitment to post new content and engage with followers once a day.  Once this becomes routine, expand business social presence to other networks or delve more deeply into marketing strategy recommendations for the chosen site.

5 – Solicit user feedback to drive website changes

Finally, good webmasters recognize that their opinions on their websites are just that – opinions.  Instead of building and managing their sites from this narrow point of view, these business owners ask their users for feedback and make changes based on this advice.

Truly, website management is an ongoing process that requires continuous commitment from site owners in order to maximize performance.  It is advised to add the tasks on the webmaster “to do” list, to guarantee increased website traffic and better natural search results rankings.

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