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The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) as we all know is the Registry for .ng Internet Domain names and maintains the database of registered names under the .ng country code Top Level Domain (.ng ccTLD). We operate the 3R (Registry/Registrar/Registrant) model of operation; NiRA is the Registry, providing the infrastructure that the registrars infrastructure connect to for the domain registrations. The Registrants/Resellers connect to the Registrars’ platforms for the registration of the .ng domain names. To select a NiRA Accredited Registrar, click on the link,

It is good to note that NiRA is a self-regulatory body and managers of the .ng natural resource. NiRA is also a stakeholder led organization with membership drawn from the DNS industry. It’s necessary for all stakeholders to collectively grow this natural resource by partnering with NiRA. One can become a NiRA Accredited registrar or become a reseller depending on the capacity of the organisation. NiRA provides training opportunities for all these categories of partners for the growth of the .ng brand.

.ng domain registrations via NiRA Accredited Registrars provide great opportunities for the online presence of Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs). Several of the registrars provide packaged solutions or turnkey solutions with domain registration, website development and hosting of websites at affordable rates. An SME can depend or rely on the effectiveness and promotion of its productions with the online presence using .ng domain name. The Internet provides the opportunity for Nigerian businesses to be presented online to the populace in several ways. The .ng domain names give the business owners the opportunity to scale their web presence as the business grows without the fear of losing customers. Ensure you select and register the right domain name for your business.

Within the DNS ecosystem, there are several other ways individuals and organisations can partner with NiRA to promote Nigerian online identity, culture, businesses, tourism, heritage, etc.

The registration of the .ng domain contributes to reduced capital flight, creates jobs, skills development and contributes towards increased growth of our GDP. We are all witnesses to the growth in tech startup businesses in Nigeria. These are more visible because of the need to be online, promoting their solutions.

Come join us to project Nigeria and Nigerians online. It is our collective responsibility. Promote local contents, promote local hosting, project the positive image of Nigeria. Behave responsibly online.

I remain at your service.

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board

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