Website Promotion

Website promotion is a multi-tiered process, a continuous process used to promote content and increase exposure of your website to attract more audience. The decision to create a website is like steps through the door of new and exciting opportunities. Registering a domain name is the first step in grabbing these opportunities and achieving these desired goals. The next steps include developing website and launching the website, directing high-quality traffic to the website and implementing a multi-tiered strategy for successfully promoting your site.

To achieve your goals of having a successful website, please note the following importance factors:

  • High-quality traffic: There are several ways to increase incoming traffic to your website. Good content which include white papers with industry insights and facts, educational material, free how-to-guides, advertise, add video clips, share the website content via social media, optimize for the SEO, etc. There is the need to convert this quality traffic to reflect on product sales.
  • Long-term growth: The visual graph of your traffic statistics should show continuous growth, not occasional spikes that quickly diminish. Your strategy should always be two steps ahead. If you’re planning a short campaign and expect a blitz-attack for more traffic – that’s great! But don’t forget to leverage this spike into something lasting.
  • People are not numbers: Resist the tendency to forget that the numbers of visitors represent real human beings. In order to attract relevant traffic and conduct meaningful interactions on your site, you need to understand your visitors’ interests and desires. Get to know them better if you want to push their buttons successfully.

And now, prepare a strategy for promoting your website.

Make SEO a priority

Search Engines and Domain Names are key resources for traffic. The higher your website is ranking on search engines the more organic traffic to your website. Prioritize the SEO (search engine optimization) in your content strategy and relevant domain name. By building your site and content around SEO you make it more attractive for search engines. Some other things to consider are listed below:

Build a community: Social media is an important platform for generating a consistent flow of traffic. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. offer a uniquely direct channel of communication to engage with your target audience in a fun and friendly tone.

Take advantage of online directories: The web is a friendly place where website owners help each other to succeed. That’s the principle that guides online directories, websites that offer other websites the opportunity to promote their content to larger audiences – for free! (almost always)  In addition to exposing your domain name to interested site visitors, online directories are great for SEO.

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