NiRA Constitutional Review

On the 28th April 2017, the General Assembly at the 9th Annual General Meeting (AGM) mandated the NiRA Board of Trustees and Board of Executive Directors to jointly midwife the NiRA Constitutional Review. The NiRA Constitutional Review Committee was constituted to handle the review process of the NiRA Constitution. The road map for the constitution committee was also duly approved by members. The Constitution Review Committee has opened the Constitution Review platform for members to make their contributions and comments towards the review of the NiRA Constitution.

The constitution review process was established in accordance with the Guidelines provided by the joint Board of Trustees and Executive Board of Directors.

Members are encouraged to submit their inputs and contribute to the development of a more robust constitution in line with the growth of NiRA and the DNS ecosystem via the platform communicated. It is an obligation for all NiRA members to contribute to the process.

Based on the correspondence emanating from the Constitution Review Committee, it is very apparent that the committee has sought all avenues to ensure open, transparent and inclusiveness of all NiRA members in the review process.

We must not neglect to appreciate Dr. Isaac Odeyemi and the initial constitution committee for their commitment in producing the earlier constitution. NIRA became stronger and more focused from the greater work of the team. The work of that team was a testimony and a model for us to build upon.

So all members are enjoined to contribute to building a stronger NiRA of the future and for the growth of the .ng brand.

I remain at your service.

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board

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