Keep Your .ng Domain Name Registration Contact Information Current

It is advised that upon registration of a domain name, the registrant ensures the registrant contact details are accurate and current. This is important as regular email is sent to registrants on the status of their domain name(s). Thirty (30) days to expiry of your .ng domain name, for either its renewal or deletion from the system, the registrant is sent regular email by the Registry and the registrar on the status of the domain name.

It is very important you don’t ignore the reminder email for the renewal of the domain name. If you don’t receive the email from the registry on the status of your domain name, it is advised you check the contact details on the NiRA WHOIS website via the link

The procedure for the NIRA WHOIS search engine can be accessed via the link .    

You are required to confirm that your contact information as the registrant, associated with your domain name is accurate and current and if not, take the necessary steps to make the corrections. It’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date.

When the registration of your domain name is about to expire, an email notification is sent to the registrant contact email address. If the email address is not accurate and current, the email notifications won’t get to the registrant and the domain name registration can expire. The recovery of that domain name may take considerable length of time and can prove very expensive to recover, or it may not be recovered at all, especially if it is a good domain name in hot pursuit by other registrants.

Another important reason to keep your contact information up to date is to ensure that you receive notifications should changes be made to your domain name registration. These notifications are for your protection, so that you can verify and confirm the validity of the changes made, or take appropriate measures in the case of unauthorized changes. Hackers can use malicious means to gain access to your account and make changes to the information associated with your domain name registration to lock you out of your account and hijack your domain name. It is important to keep your domain name registration contact information up to date to protect yourself and/or your business.

Registrants must note that giving wrong information/details at registration, or failure to update registrant information promptly if there is a change could lead to total loss of the domain name. This could also happen if the registrant does not respond to notifications for renewal of the domain name when about to expire.

If any of your contact information (email, postal address, phone number, etc.) changes, contact your administrative contact to update your information against your domain name. as soon as possible to prevent disruption or loss of your domain name registration. NiRA cannot update your contact information for you as it would be a violation of the rights of the registrant; the administrative contact for your domain name is responsible to carry out the changes.

Due to the prevalence of security concerns such as phishing attacks, if you have any doubt or questions about the legitimacy of emails about your WHOIS data, you can always contact your registrar directly. If you believe you haven’t been receiving reminder emails on your domain name(s), you need to contact the Registrar immediately.

The accuracy of the NiRA WHOIS is a collective responsibility of the Registry, Registrar and Registrants. We need ensure accuracy and currency of the data we are store on the .ng database.

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