With the advancement in technologies and computers, the approach and ways of operation of businesses and companies are constantly evolving. The disruptive tendencies constantly lift up the envelopes, offering consumers more at lower prices. With the innovations that are disrupting ‘normalcy’, we have witnesses opportunities and threats.

At the Disruptive Africa Conference, held from 13th to 14th September, 2017, at Lagos Oriental Hotel, keynote addresses were delivered by Mr. Austin Okere, Vice Chairman Computer Warehouse Group, Plc and Mr. Niyi Yusuf, Country Managing Director, Accenture Nigeria. The Convener Disruptive Africa Expo is Mr. David Alozie.  There were also many other discussants. Their presentations were insightful, highlighting extent to which innovations have already disrupted generations of lifes and future directions. Classic examples can be found in digital transformation of enterprises and nations in the fields of  agriculture, medicine, transportation, retail businesses, music industry, advertisements channels, communication, dissemination of videos, movies, hospitality,  etc. References were made to global innovation efforts and the need for Africa as a continent and Nigeria as a country not to miss out on this fourth industrial revolution.  Our imagination is our limitation. The quantum of interest, we put in anything will determine the derived outcome/output.

With disruptive innovation, there are changes to business models, processes and services. In Nigeria, the opportunities are abundant especially with the broadband penetration plans of the Federal Government of Nigeria, open society and youthful demography embracing technology. The youth have been advised not to wait until they have a perfect product/solution and/or conducive environment. Perfection would come along with better understandings and digital transformation phases/stages. Mentoring the youth along the six frugal innovation principles is very important.

The future is here. We must embrace the future, both the digital immigrants and digital natives.

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