The 3R Model of the DNS Industry

The 3R Model, operated by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has contributed to the development of the Domain Name System (DNS) Industry in Nigeria and Africa. The 3R model is made up of the Registry, Registrars and Registrants.  Each of the “R” in the model plays a very important role in the DNS industry.

The Registry is the organization charged with the responsibility of managing and maintaining the database of all domain names and the infrastructure that support the registration of domain names at the top level. NiRA, the manager of the Nigeria’s country code Top Level Domain Name (ccTLD) .ng, operates the Registry.

Registrars are organizations accredited by domain Registries, like NiRA, to carry out domain registration activities on their behalf. A Registrar accepts domain registration requests and reserves the domain for the Registrant at the registry (for example .ng ccTLD). Since domain name registration is a service oriented business, interested organizations constantly apply to become accredited with the Registry. For instance, NiRA currently has 63 accredited registrars that carry out .ng domain names registration activities on behalf of registrants.

Registrants are the organization or individual registering the domain names. When using the Registrar’s platform, an application is submitted for a domain name, to make the applicant a domain name registrant.

The 3R model is a business aspect of the Domain Name System (DNS). Every individual or organization can participate or get involved as either a Registrar or registrant. This is a personal and business decision and there are criteria to qualify for any of these positions.

The quantum of activities on the Internet are made possible by the Domain Name System, the distributed database system, which is a component of the critical Internet infrastructure, that is hierarchical in nature.

DNS resolves IP addresses to human readable names popularly referred to as domain names. The DNS assigns user-friendly domain names to unique IP addresses. With a Domain Name, you don’t need to remember the IP addresses of your favorite websites. Many have commented that the DNS is the Phonebook of the Internet.

Communication on the Internet became easier with the DNS whereby Search engine applications take advantage of DNS to route search results by geographical location.

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