There are four (4) basic requirements in creating a website and getting it online, namely a Domain Name, Web Host Server Space, the website design and your website content. It is very important a business owner/ website owner considers the essence of his/her business and the website before embarking on the business. The essence of being online is to draw the required attention to your business/brand and grow the business. You can reach millions of customers from the comfort of your home when you have a thriving online business.

Domain Name:

The first step is choosing and registering a domain name, a unique name which would have relevance to the type of business. A domain name is akin to your street address; it is your unique identity on the global space, the Internet.  Visit NiRA website for the list of NiRA Accredited Registrars that provide the platform for domain name registration.

The website domain name is the driving force of the website and there are considerations required to propel the success of the business. The name must be sufficiently attractive and relevant to the business for potential customers to visit the website. The name must be sufficiently simple, concise, short, and memorable. The domain name extension should have high search engine relevancy.

Website Design:

You need a reliable and good website designer and developer to create a good and reliable website. Skilled and knowledgeable personal are the best options to ensure the website development project is delivered on time as adherence to timelines is critical to the success of your business. You need a well-designed website that would be a pleasure to visit and use, capture the attention of users, with informative and current information.

Web Hosting Server Space

The next step is to choose and subscribe to a web hosting service, the website construction, storage for your content and emails for official communication. Your web host provides the space, access, hardware, and security required by your website.

Most service providers package domain name registration with web host services. The choice is actually yours, dependent on many factors, including spreading ones risks across many platforms.

Also you need decide on the hosting option, for example fully hosted platform, etc.  This is a business decision.

Website Content

With your domain name and a hosting service provider, you’re ready to create the contents for your site. There are many templates available, depending on your requirements on how to organize your website content. There are various templates for your profile, portfolio, an online shop, a blog, etc. To boost your business, your content must be tasteful, engaging, current and interesting.

Upon completion of these four basic steps, you’re ready to launch your website. At that point, there is no stopping you!

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