Making a Case for the .ng Brand as Local Content

Sometimes last month, a young man wanted to set up a website to handle Students Admission Tests. He chose the name edusat. Unfortunately, was already registered and put up for sale. What was the Cost? A mere $5,000.00 (Five Thousand US Dollars) was the offer for would-be buyers. For our young innovator, this was a No No.

I engaged via Social media and offered the alternative – The website is now up and running, using the .ng domain string that I offered as an alternative. Of course, the .com domain name is still on offer for sale. Another successful story of a young Nigerian, who is providing content that is suitable for the local market. You can visit the website ( to appreciate what he has done with the domain name.

It is our joy to enlighten, educate, promote and offer the .ng string to those who need the right domain for their Internet Presence. The .ng brand projects our identity, culture, industries, heritage and businesses. Imagine the impact we can make, when our artists, footballers, important personalities and worthy .ng ambassadors, etc. proudly fly the .ng brand. Definitely, the world would listen.

Whereas we can discuss the adoption of local content at public events, ICT gatherings, private sectors and Government circle, the concrete efforts we have put in, to actualize our campaign is important. We should put our money where our mouth is.

One is excited that apart from the efforts of NIRA, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) continually emphasizes the need and importance of local content in the Nigerian ICT industry; and has started implementing Government policies to promote local content. For a country to be fully developed, its local products must be well packaged, adopted, appreciated and patronized by its people. Is there still a reason not to get on the .ng Train? Definitely None!

We will do more in 2018, partnering with our stakeholders and affiliates to take the .ng strings to all Nigerians. Help us put the message out there.

I remain at your service.

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board

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