The African Union Heads of State and Government met at the 30th Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 28th to 29th January 2018 and developed a communique on Internet Governance and development of Africa’s Digital Economy.

Whilst acknowledging that the Internet is an essential tool and a dynamic force for economic, social and cultural development and recalling in that regard Resolution 26/13 of the Human Right Council, decisions were taken on:

  • Internet Governance principles,
  • Africa’s Participation in Internet Governance,
  • Development of Africa’s Digital Economy,
  • Management of Domain Names and
  • Global Internet Governance.

The African Union noted that less than 20% of Africans are online and that the majority of those not connected are in the rural areas and mostly women and the poor.  The African Union remain committed to facilitating a resilient, unique, universal and interoperable Internet that is accessible to all and will strive to ensure universal and affordable Internet access for all African citizens including people with specific needs.

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