The Internet is for everyone

The foresight that took the Internet from a Department of Defense experiment in the United States of America, to a global phenomenon that has since changed Communication, Commerce, Education, Agriculture, Health and very many other spheres of human life should be commended.

It has brought about an unprecedented development in many areas. These changes are systematic and not random. They are years of careful planning, discussions and diverse contributions from diverse quarters.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not have access to the Internet or who cannot afford the cost of getting on the Internet even for very many basic needs.

It is important that the “Haves” continue to advocate for the “Have Nots” because the development of the world without bothering about bringing every other person online, could threaten world peace and its general stability. The Internet has been used to bridge many gaps in communication and facilitate developments all over the world.

This is one key reason why the various stakeholders must continue to dialog on the processes and methods for making the Internet work for everyone. The Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) will again convene on the 2nd of July 2018 at Shehu Musa Yaradua Center, Central Business District Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. Make it a date to join other stakeholders on the discussions around Internet Governance. I assure you, it will be a worthwhile experience.

Just a quick reminder, the 3rd edition of the .ng Awards gala will hold on Friday 6th July 2018 in Lagos. We will be celebrating individuals and companies that are using the .ng domain names for their websites and the achievements and innovation of Nigerian Internet initiatives. The awards will showcase Nigerian businesses, individuals, charity, public and private sector organizations which help to make the Internet a more secure, open, accessible and rewarding experience for all.

Please make it a date.

I remain at your service.

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board

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