Benefit of Using the Nigerian Identity on the Internet

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) assigns to each country and territory, a country code top level domain (ccTLDs) acronym.  For almost twenty years, ICANN has worked closely with managers of ccTLDs (the two-letter TLDs established for countries and some territories). For Nigeria the ccTLD is .ng, for Uganda the ccTLD is .ug, for Egypt the ccTLD is .eg, etc.

The benefits of using a .ng domain name for your website include:

  • This is our National Identity and Pride
  • You have direct access to the Managers of the .ng ccTLD should there be challenges with the domain name
  • Local targeting and Search Engine Optimization: This will ensure your business appears whilst in the search for your type of business in our geographical region (Nigeria)
  • Websites with domain names associated with ccTLDs give visitors confidence as they are aware that ccTLDs are highly regulated. So using a .ng domain name gives credibility to a business. International customers prefer to deal with businesses that have the ccTLD domain names.
  • Search engines like Google like ccTLDs as they rank ccTLDs high in their elements used to determine country targeting.
  • Brand Protection: Registering a domain name on the .ng ccTLD will enhance brand protection against domain squatters.
  • Better Speed: Latency is reduced for websites and blogs using .ng domain names. However this is also determined by the location of the hosting provider. For businesses in Nigeria or targeting Nigerian clients, the local hosting of .ng gives your website the advantage of better speed.
  • Preferred Domain Name: Opting for .ng provides an opportunity to register preferred domain name which may not be available on other TLDs.
  • Reduction in Capital Flight: .ng domain name is priced in naira for Nigerians. Money is saved and capital flight is reduced.
  • Job creation for Nigerians
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