Mr Biyi Oladipo Appointed as ICANN ccNSO Liaison to the GNSO

Mr. Adebiyi Oladipo, the Financial Secretary of NIRA has been appointed by the Country Code Name Support Organization (ccNSO) of ICANN as one of its Liaisons to the Generic Top Level Domain Name Support Organization (GNSO) of ICANN. The appointment is with effect from May 2018.

As specified in the ccNSO Guideline for Liaison and Observers, the ccNSO appointed liaison to the GNSO shall report to the ccNSO Council monthly on the activities of the respective organization. The ccNSO appointed Liaison to the GNSO shall represent ccNSO values in these efforts, shall pursue specific direction from the ccNSO Council as and when given, and shall seek ccNSO Council advice as and when needed.

Furthermore, the ccNSO Liaison to the GNSO is committed to:

  • Participate diligently and actively in the meetings and activities of the GNSO on an ongoing and long-term basis
  • Communicate and advocate the positions of the ccNSO to the GNSO;
  • Report to the ccNSO on current and upcoming activities of the GNSO that may be of relevance to the ccNSO and broader ccTLD community.
  • If feasible and considered relevant ask to the ccNSO for advance guidance, if any, on matters that are going to be discussed by the GNSO.
  • Participate in GNSO-ccNSO Council meetings agenda committee to prepare the f-2-f meetings, if any.

The ccNSO liaison to the GNSO is not a member of, or entitled to vote on the ccNSO council or the Councils of other organizations, but otherwise shall be entitled to participate in the respective Council meetings.

We congratulate Mr. Oladipo on this appointment, and wish him a productive outing.  

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