A business email indicates that your business is established and registered with the relevant authorities. The organisational brand name can be your personal name or your business name. Depending on what whatever you choose as your brand name, you can always register a domain name to promote the brand on the internet. The branded email address does self-marketing for your business.

The level of internet penetration and online presence today has made it more important to have a branded email address for your business and brand. In this edition of the Tech Speak of the NiRA enewsletter, we share few reasons why you should use a custom email domain name for your brand communication.

There is a professional outlook to your business when you use a branded custom email address. It gives your business a boost. Being professional might indicate you are doing a legitimate and good job. Being professional indicates you are committed to the business and not in a flash pan business, putting in a great effort to ensure your clients get the best service from your brand/business. To be considered as a serious brand, have a quality business website and ensure you use a branded email address to communicate with your clients.

When you use a business brand email address, your clients and potential clients are reassured of the origin/source of the email they have received. They know the email should not be a spam. They are more relaxed to open and read the email.  Having a website and a custom email address sets you apart and lets potential clients know you’re trustworthy. If your email address in no way resembles your business name, people will have a hard time connecting the two. Your recipients are more likely to regard you as a stranger and ignore your email if they don’t know how they can associate the unfamiliar email address with the business they have a relationship with.

Remember your brand is your identity. With your branded email address, your website name is associated with it and it serves as an added bonus when someone receives your email. It is possible that your email address generates interest to induce the person to want to know more about your business.

Your branded email address from the domain name of your website can influence the future growth of your business. The name will portray a consistency for the future outlook. For example, you register the domain name otedola.name.ng. Your email addresses can grow with your legacy. It can become a family heirloom


firstinitiallastname@ totedola.name.ng


A custom email address for your organization and brand starts with registering a domain name that is associated with your brand name.

Decide and register your domain name. Select a NiRA Accredited Registrar for your domain name business via the link https://nira.org.ng/accredited-registrars  Then Develop your website. Create your custom business email system.  

Remember that a custom email address opens channels of trust and communication. A custom email address portrays your business as a professional and successful business. With custom email address, you can create as many email addresses as possible. Since you are the owner of the email system, when someone leaves the organization, email sent to that email address can be channeled to another staff and it is easy to close and open email addresses. You are in absolute control of your custom email addresses.

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