Call for Presentations at AFRINIC-29

AFRINIC-29 will hold from 26th to 30th November 2019 at Tunis, Tunisia. The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) has requested that individuals who wish to make presentations at the event should submit abstracts. The meeting website is now up at The event would be hosted in collaboration with Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) as the local host. The theme of the meeting is “Taking the African Internet to the Next Level through Policy, Collaboration and Education”. The Tunisian Internet Agency (Agence tunisienne d’Internet) was created on 12 March 1996, is the principal Tunisian ISP. It is run by the Ministry of Communications, whose mission is also to promote Internet usage in Tunisia.

To enrich the discussions and share knowledge with the technical community at AFRINIC-29, AfriNIC is seeking presentations on wide range of issues, broadly related to growth, access, and development of Internet in Africa. Please read the event concept note at:

Areas of Interest for presentations include “The Internet and Sustainable Development”, “Internet Governance”, “Business Practices and Technology”, “E-governance”, “Cyber Security””, “Core Internet Infrastructure”, etc. Contributions can be in the form of a presentation during a session, a tutorial or a live technical demonstration.

The key dates to note are as follows; 14th September 2018 as the deadline for submission of applications and 6th October 2018 as the date to expect the notification of acceptance of an application. Meanwhile if an application is accepted, the draft presentation must be submitted by the 20th of October 2018 and the final presentation must be submitted by the 20th of November 2018.

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