Please Comment on the Draft of the Revised NIRA Constitution

Your Association NIRA, is a bottom-up multi-stakeholder private sector led partnership between the Public and Private sector, for the management of the nation’s very important resource on the Internet, the country Code Top-level domain, .ng.

 Having been in existence for the past ten years, there definitely will be some challenges that the experience we have garnered over the years, will have taught us what to do. We are currently in the process of reviewing the constitution of the Association, to bring it up to date with realities, empower the registry for the growth of the ccTLD and also reposition the association to take its rightful position amongst the other ccTLDs in the world.

 Actions such as reviewing the constitution of an Association calls for courage and unity of purpose amongst all members. NIRA is pursuing this activity with vigour and a draft constitution has been prepared by the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) based on the memorandum submitted by members. We are now at the stage of public comments on the draft.

The draft constitution is available at The period of public comment is from 1st October 2018 to 22nd October 2018.  All comments should be made on the NIRA membership mailing list.

It is important that all members take the time to review the draft document and make their comments known. All the comments will be collated by the Constitution Review Committee, and used in preparing the final draft, that members will vote upon.

Please help us define the future of NIRA, it is a duty we all owe to the Association. Lets do it!

I remain at your service.

Rev’d Sunday Folayan


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