New version of AFRINIC Internet Routing Registry Released

AFRINIC, the Internet Numbers Registry for Africa, has released a new version of its Routing Registry service. You can read more about the new version of AFRINIC Internet Routing Registry (IRR) via the link

This new version has removed the need for the Autonomous System Number (ASN) holder to authorise route or route6 objects.

Previously, the route and route6 objects had to be authorised by both the holder of the IPv4 or IPv6 address space, and the holder of the ASN. In the case that the ASN and the address space were held by different organisations, then there was a process for semi-authorised objects to be held for seven days pending complete authorisation. In the case that the ASN was not issued by AFRINIC, then hostmaster staff had to authorise the route or route6 objects.

After the discussions within the AFRINIC’s database working group and checking the practices of other Internet Routing Registry services, AFRINIC decided to remove the need for the ASN holder to authorise any route or route6 objects in the AFRINIC IRR. The route or route6 objects still need to be authorised by the address space holder. The address holder is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the route (6) objects in the AFRINIC IRR.

These changes have been reflected in the updated version of the AFRINIC Internet Routing Registry Guide.

Source: AFRINIC Website

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