Hosting Data Abroad: Whoever Host Your Data, Owns and Controls You – Mallam Yusuf Kazaure, MD, GALAXY Backbone Limited

Galaxy Backbone Limited has the responsibility of maintaining Government services, offshore data services and promoting data sovereignty across the country and securing Government information system.

Galaxy Backbone Limited was created when Government was spending a lot of money on ICT and was not getting the commensurable value. The MDAs were doing different things. The activities of the MDAs were not complementing each other.

Galaxy Backbone Limited has the responsibility of providing a common platform for all Federal Government MDAs and is to be in charge of all Federal MDAs data sovereignty across the country.

Mallam Yusuf Kazaure stated in a recent interview that when Galaxy Backbone started business, they took hold of existing key government infrastructure and then merged them into one common platform which was called the ‘’’’. The has been very successful. For example, it harmonized the government platform.

Currently Galaxy Backbone has the largest fibre network in Abuja, covering close to 80% of Federal Government MDAs with their headquarters in Abuja and connected more than 90% of these organisations with fibre and all are linked to each other.

The platform where different MDAs can host their data, can also provide for the private sector. This is made possible because of the quality of the infrastructure that have been put in place. Big ICT companies now seek partnership with Galaxy Backbone.


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