Implementation of Policies in the AFRINIC Service Region

African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the African Region responsible for the allocation and management of Internet Numbers, published on its website on the 29th November 2018, the news on the implementation of some policies. The two fully implemented policies are the IPv6 Policy and references Update and the IPv6 Initial Allocation Update.

AFRINIC also announced the partly implemented policies on “Lame Delegations in the AFRINIC Reverse DNS” and the “IPv6 PI Update”.

The “Lame Delegations in the AFRINIC Reverse DNS” requires that lame name servers be deleted from the WHOIS database. At the moment, all identified lame name servers are relayed to the contacts of the concerned objects, without any action being taken from AFRINIC. This would be fully implemented in Q1 2019.

The Consolidated Policy Manual (CPM) had been updated to version 1.3 to include the above implemented policies.

AFRINIC has requested that its community and members can contact for comments or feedback.

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