Renewing Your Domain Name

As one year runs out, in comes another. Each New Year comes with new ideas; new businesses spring up and existing businesses will have the need to evaluate and possibly renew their licenses, subscriptions, etc. For some delegated domain names, there will be the need to extend their expiry dates and services.

When you register a domain name, you’re able to use it for the registered period of time, which, for .ng domains, is typically from one year to five years. If you want to keep using the domain name and any of the services associated with it (like a website or email service) you need to renew the domain name registration prior to and/or at its expiration before it is registered by another entity. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing your domain name. It is the responsibility of the registrant to renew or request the registrar to renew its domain name. The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) operates the 3R (Registry, Registrar, Registrant) Model and is not authorised to renew domain names on behalf of registrants.

To avoid losing your domain name and causing significant disruption or damage to the information, service, brand or business associated with it, find below some few pointers. These will help you to avoid the hassle of disruptions and/or the possibility of losing your domain name altogether.

Note the terms of your domain name registration

It is very important that at the point of registration, you pay serious attention to the details associated with your domain name. Options and fees for renewing domain names, including expired ones, vary per registrar so it is important you read your registrar’s terms of service carefully to understand the options, fees, and terms of renewing your domain name registration. It’s also important to keep your contact information up to date so that you can receive notifications of any changes to your registrar’s terms of service.

Keep track of the expiry date of your domain name so you can renew it before it expires. For the details of your .ng domain name(s), use the NiRA WHOIS search engine, . Alternatively contact your registrar if you are unsure of the expiration date of your domain name.

Consider the auto-renew option

Most registrars offer auto-renewal options for domain name registrations. If you sign up for this service, be sure to keep the payment information up-to-date.

Keep an eye out for renewal reminders email

Email renewal reminders are sent approximately one month and one week before expiration of a domain name by .ng registry. It is advisable to take immediate action when you receive these reminders. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date so that you receive these important reminders.

If for some reasons you missed the renewal notifications and the domain name expires, it might still be possible to renew your expired domain name. This is only possible if the name had not been deleted and registered by someone else and you contact your registrar immediately. If you are unsure who your registrar is, you can perform a search to find out on the .ng WHOIS using the link

It is necessary for a registrant to note that there could be challenges recovering a domain name within the redemption grace period. There could be challenges with contacting the registrar, using the registrar’s platform and/or the payment system. It is advised that you keep an eye on the domain name(s) associated with your business. Ensure you take steps to prevent that/those domain name(s) from expiring and prevent you from potentially losing the registration(s). If possible register/renew the domain name(s) for multiple years at a time. Ensure the duration of your payment is reflected on the details associated with your registration/renewal.

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