Call for volunteers: AFRINIC Nomination Committee (NomCom) 2019

The AFRINIC Board is required to appoint a Nomination Committee (NomCom) every year, in terms of article 9 of the Bylaws <>.

The Afrinic  Board had called for volunteers from the community to fill three open positions on the 2019 NomCom. Those residing in the Indian Ocean or Central Africa region and are interested in serving on the 2019 NomCom should submit an expression of interest, including a short biography, by email to legal at afrinic dot net by 9 January 2019.

The duties of the NomCom and the elections to be held are described below.

The current version of the Board election process and guidelines are published at <>.  It provides additional information about NomCom responsibilities, the election process and timelines.  This call for NomCom volunteers begins and ends later than specified in the timeline so some other parts of the timeline will need to be adjusted to compensate.

According to Section 9 of the AFRINIC by-laws, a Nominations Committee (NomCom) appointed by the Board must work to ensure that appropriate candidates are nominated to contest for open seats and that all elections are successfully conducted according to current procedures.

The AFRINIC Bylaws state that NomCom must have four members, appointed by the Board. The Board’s practice is to appoint the four members as follows;

  • One member selected from within the AFRINIC Board;
  • Three members selected by the AFRINIC Board from the community.

In terms of section 9.1 of the Bylaws:

  • No candidate for election to the Board may be a member of the NomCom;
  • No person domiciled in a region whose Board seat is open for renewal may be a member of the NomCom; this means that the 2019 NomCom may not include people who reside in the Northern Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Africa or Southern Africa regions.

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