Student Projects and Internship Opportunities at AFRINIC – 2019

AFRINIC wishes to collaborate with students at undergraduate or graduate level in form of student projects (practicum) or through on-site or remote internship at AFRINIC. The duration of the projects are indicative and will depend on the resources allocated to each project and the availability of the students. It is possible to accommodate more than 1 student or intern per project, depending on their interest, availability and funding.

AFRINIC is also open to other projects related to the technical aspects of the Internet. These can include any project related to:

  • End-to-end Internet performance measurement
  • Internet topology characteristics, including peering and routing
  • Application-level performance, including DNS, Web, CDNs, Cloud Computing
  • Detection of middleboxes, censorship, and content filtering
  • Data analytics and visualization for network monitoring and traffic analysis
  • Network topology and performance visualization
  • Internet access, use, and quality of experience
  • Internet freedom, digital security and privacy
  • Internet protocols development
  • Internet policy

Interns will receive a monthly stipend and the amount will depend on whether it is an on-site or remote internship agreement. For on-site interns, subject to availability of funds, AFRINIC can offer accommodation and bear the cost of a return flight from the country where the student is located.

The list of 8 student projects and internship opportunities include Managed DNSSEC services and “Detection of NAT/CGNAT in African networks.

Applicants are advised to send a letter of motivation accompanied by their CV, both in English, by email to 


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