NiRA journeys ON!

The last two weeks have been quite eventful for NiRA. Internally, we have had new members of the Board commencing the onboarding process while settling into the other activities. We are keen on ensuring a stronger NiRA, with enhanced corporate governance structure.  These can only happen working together in unity.  Two years is a short time span but long enough for a committed board to attain good results, so we are in a hurry to bring new Board members up to speed by providing available information so that all can effectively contribute to the growth of NiRA. 

It is rewarding to see NiRA engage across the ecosystem in different ways. NiRA was at the Nigerian Content Consultative Forum ICT (NCCF-ICT) Forum; the sectoral working group set up by Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB). As a member of this platform for information sharing and collaboration in the oil and gas industry, considering its keenness to promote local content, ensure Nigerian companies have the opportunity to bid for, and execute contracts in the oil and gas industry, NiRA is appropriately poised to participate significantly in the ICT Industry, catalysing the nation’s economic growth. In order to effectively understand and operate in this terrain, a retreat is being planned to prepare the NCCF-ICT group.

To effectively prepare the youth for the workforce, NiRA was represented at the TechPro Summit, convened by the Innovation Centre of the Yaba College of Technology. The event annually gathers students from higher institutions to discover and uncover skillful benefits in the application of technology to different professions. As usual, this year’s event was well attended, with the students eager to prepare for the next level and become entrepreneurs. NiRA with some of her Accredited Registrars were on ground to enlighten the students on how to become domain resellers, have their businesses online and host websites locally.

As a major contribution to the growth of Internet Governance in Nigeria, NiRA is supporting ISOC Nigeria in hosting the first Nigeria School on Internet Governance. The school is meant to groom Nigerians that will take up key positions and influence the global Internet ecosystem. The event will hold in Lagos from 8th to 10th July 2019.

NiRA is poised to strengthen her place in the African and Nigeria ICT community as we engage with all stakeholders.

Muhammed Rudman

President, NIRA Executive Board

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